Monday, November 3, 2008

Boston ComicCon, November 2, 2008

Yesterday I attended -- along with Mike Dooney, Jim Lawson, Dan Berger, and Steve Lavigne -- the Boston ComicCon held at the Back Bay Events Center. (Eric Talbot and Steve Murphy had planned to come, but unfortunately couldn't make it.) Steve Lavigne came down from Maine, along with his whole family, and met us at the show. It was fun -- a mellow, old-school kind of comic convention. We were pretty busy the whole time, and met a lot of nice people.

This photo of Mike, Jim and Dan -- posing by the poster for which Jim drew the art -- is one I snapped just as we arrived at the Expo Center.

Here we are at our table, seen from the perspective of my seat -- Steve was sitting next to me so that we could more easily collaborate on our full-color TMNT head sketches. Curiously, we didn't actually do any!

One of the nice fans we met was this young woman, Kellyanne Lynch, who showed up in a nifty Turtle costume which she said a friend had helped her sew together. I wish I had gotten a photo of the back shell they had made -- it looked great. The whole costume looked very comfortable -- just the kind of thing to wear all show long.

By far the coolest thing we saw at the show -- in fact, possibly the coolest thing we'd seen in a long time at ANY show -- were Jesus Colon's hand-decorated sneakers. (That's Jesus in the above photo, holding the sneakers.) He told us he had done all the drawing on these shoes in a marathon all-nighter the previous day, basing all of it on the first two issues of the comic. Here are a few close-up views of the shoes.

Cleverly conceived, creatively executed -- well done, Jesus! -- PL


  1. Jesus's sneakers were the coolist thing I think I may have ever seen at a show. The pictures are great Pete. Man, these thing have to get made!

  2. Hey Pete, wanted to thank you for signing those sneakers. Jesus offered to make me a pair of his awesome customs, and seeing that you were gonna be in Boston, I thought it would be awesome to get one made of my heroes, signed by one of my heroes. He was awesome enough to spend all night on it, and now it is the coolest thing in my huge TMNT collection. Unfortunately I just moved to Brazil from Boston, so I couldn't be there for that great moment. Thanks again, you don't know how much this means to me.

  3. The Creepy part is how he managed to replicate the art pretty damned exactly as it looked then. No mean feat on such a small canvas..let alone on a larger one!

    Hey Peter,

    Something about this blog post jogged a memory of a picture Steve posted a while back. It was you watching episode 2 of BTTS. In the picture, it looked like Don was talking to Usagi of all people. And naturally, he didn't appear in episode 2 at all.

    Curious if Usagi makes any appearance in this season, or if we where just hoping that was who Don was talking to? :)

  4. -->> ..damm those sneakers musta been hard to sign.

    God i hope Jesus has killer future in design.

    Those are kicker !!


  5. Those sneakers are awesome, and the costume is cute! Wish I could have been there- was working my sunday away making some extra bucks!

  6. Peter, thank you so much for coming out to Boston Comic Con yesterday! I had a great time talking with you and Steve, Dan, Michael, and Jim. Watching you all drawing my favourite comic was a once in a lifetime experience.

    Here's a picture of the back of my costume, as you said you wish you'd taken a picture of the shell.

    Here's a full picture, as I'm not sure you got to see the feet.

    Thanks again for coming out to meet the fans yesterday! Take care!

    ~ Kellyanne

  7. Now those are the kind of TMNT shoes they should have released not those ugly brown and green looking things :P
    Creativity is key!

  8. Here's some more pics of the sneakers I thought you'd like.
    Issue #1 (The Creation of the TMNT)...
    Issue #1 (Final Battle)...
    Issue #2 (The Creation of the Mousers)...
    Issue #2 (Final Battle) ...
    ... Not sure if your a big game freak like me Pete, but here's his last custom, based on Super Smash Bros. Melee... Hope you like.

  9. Sorry, aparently I don't know how to set them as links. hahaha. There should be 6 pictures there, check them out. They are close-ups so you can enjoy all of the turtle goodness.

  10. I have a Gollum like lust for those sneakers!

    Is there anyway Mirage can collaborate with Jesus and sell these things from the web site in a limited run or at least get some made as contest prizes?

  11. SO cool Kellyanne! You did an awesome job!

  12. Peter The whole CGI thing is played out to the fullest extent! Please Peter if there is to be a fifth movie go back to using Jim Hensons company. The whole CGI/live action actors doesnt work (case in point starwars JAR JAR BINKS!!!!) the first turtles movie was geneius with how it transitioned from comic/cartoon to liveaction which is what people want in a live action movie Reality! People want tangible characters and actors that gives them the belief that it could actually be taking place right outside the theatre. Please dont help the out sourceing of movie magic and engineering to shitty unrealistic Computer graphics help Guillermo del Toro fight to keep animatronics alive, its makes for better story telling and a more authentic movie. And also the whole fast forward and back to the sewers change in animation was a bad move, the bright colors and square lines make the shows really look god awful and unappealing. The only thing that could've made the initial updated cartoon better was adding in all the original characters from the original toyline/cartoon over a span of however many episodes. characters like scratch and hotspot but give them all a more serious and updateing look/storyline.

  13. I need some serious money so I can go to such conventions. I just do not seem to run into such as these-- there is a monthly "convention" at the Shrine, but over the years I've stopped going.

    But that costume and those shoes! Brilliant, both of them.

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