Sunday, November 30, 2008

Blast from the Past #45 repost: Portsmouth Minicon poster

This is the 8.5 by 14 inch photocopied "poster" that Kevin and I put together to promote our very first public appearance on May 5, 1984 with issue #1 of the TMNT comic. It was a small show at the Holiday Inn, put on by Ralph DiBernardo, in Portsmouth, NH, and we had a blast... even sold some books! It's somewhat bizarre to think that next May it will be twenty-five years since we sat there with our stacks of TMNT #1 first printings and hopeful faces. (At that point, I don't think we even thought about it as a "first printing" -- for all we knew, it would turn out to be the ONLY printing!) -- PL


  1. -->> i love those damm gray scale seps from TMNT 1 in the background.

    S . O . A . B .

    Turtles are ' Survivors ' of another kind as time would show.


  2. Records? Wow, someone really burned those pizzas!

    It's sad kids today don't know the joy of a record scratch ruining your entire listening experience. OR the 8 Track not being able to get through an entire song without a click :).

  3. I've got a few posters but I'd love to have one of those originals :)

    Have to agree with Tokka as well ;)

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