Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blast from the Past #40 repost: Raphael's new look

This is the last of the proposed redesigns for the unfilmed fourth live-action TMNT movie. One of our ideas was to give Raphael the ability to “morph” into what we were calling “Raptor Raph”, complete with big gnashy teeth and claws to complement his big gnashy personality.

This was not much of a stretch, obviously. In retrospect, while this new approach was probably appropriate for Raph, it was also uncomfortably close to what we were proposing for Splinter.

Years later, during the Volume 4 run of my TMNT comic, I decided to (temporarily) transform Raph into a beastly-looking thing with some similarities to this iteration (minus the "morphing" powers). However, I think the look that Jim Lawson came up with for what some fans call "GameraRaph" is a lot cooler looking than this. -- PL


  1. Its really neat to see how the idea morphed though.

    (Gamera-Raph was pretty cool!)

  2. I seriously have to wonder if CBS took this idea from you when having the turtles change in the show, it looks almost exactly like this.
    & I like this allot more than the volume 4 version, but I'd love to see you draw the volume 4 version of Raph like this perhaps I'll be more of a fan then. *shruggs*

  3. -->> ..reminiscent of ' BIZ' ..


  4. the raph fan in me hopes he's back to normal soon! get that next issue out!!

  5. Yes I agree,
    I hope the next volume 4 issue is out soon I almost forgot about the series sadly!
    Any update on a release date yet Peter????