Sunday, April 27, 2014

Shellback Artworks exclusive print for Free Comic Book Day weekend event (UPDATED WITH COLOR VERSION! : 04-30-14)

I had some more fun inking this week. Kevin Eastman, Steve Lavigne and I are collaborating on a Shellback Artworks-exclusive color print for the "Free Comic Book Day" weekend event at Steve's store in Wells, Maine.

Kevin sent me this piece…

… looser than that great drawing he did for the IDW 30th anniversary comic book cover, but still replete with the signature Eastman elements of bold poses and interesting use of positive and negative spaces.

To make it easier for me to ink, I used Photoshop to remove the nifty blue shading Kevin had done, leaving just the linework.

Then I used the technique of copying the rough onto card stock, and printing it in a light blue color over which I would ink the drawing. Here are a couple of stages of the inking process…

… and the final inks, after cleaning up all the stray blue areas using Photoshop.

Can't wait to see what Steve does with the colors! -- PL





And now I've seen it! Steve just sent me his cool color rendition of the piece, and here it is!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Hell freezes over, part 3: Back from the printer

I was heading out to do some grocery shopping this afternoon when I decided to do a quick check of email on my phone. I was not expecting it, but one of the messages was from the local printer who was handling the printing of TMNT #32. He said the books were all printed, and I could come and pick them up.

Which I did.

And here they are.

(Well, some of them -- there are about seven other boxes.)

So it looks like (barring some kind of brain fart which would lead me to forgetting to put any in the car before I leave for Maine) I will have copies of TMNT #32 for sale at the signing at Shellback Artworks on May 4. Yay! -- PL