Saturday, November 22, 2008

Blast from the Past #118: Design for evil mutant's vehicle -- "Hover Trike"

This is a toy design I proposed to Playmates back in the late 1980's, I believe.

Looking closely at it, it's interesting that I not only used Rocksteady as the pilot but garbed him in some kind of Samurai-type armor. -- PL


  1. Awesome...Alot of these un-used toy designs, would so sell today. This needs to be added to my huge collection. THanks PL

  2. Could this be the prototype for those villainous foot ski's they used i n the show?

    Seeing as how these could have been used on land instead of the module for transportation, they would have been a whole lot more usefull :)

  3. -->> Neil .. they did develop a toy similar to this effect.

    The Psycho Cycle or something. I think they reused the mold for a few different ' Hovering Bike ' Toys for both the Foot and the Turtles.


  4. I think one issue is that the old line had little articulation, so old Rocky might not have fit on the bike.