Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blast from the Past #122: Leonardo with one sword

This is another pinup drawing I did, back in 1986. I like the inking of it.

Curiously, I drew Leonardo here without his usual accoutrements of dual scabbards, chest straps, and belt... not sure why. Maybe I was just feeling lazy. -- PL


  1. -->> o f☻☺k !!

    ..anyone wanna help me recall where this one showed up in ??


  2. This is awesome! The inking shows real depth and "warmth," something not a lot of inking shows nowadays. Too many inkers are afraid to vary their line weights.

    Maybe you just got into the drawing and forgot to add the belt? I do that sometimes when I'm working on something. In the old days it meant I had to start over... nowadays I just draw the correction in on the computer!

    -Aaron H.

  3. So the lack-of-belts and such in some of the old drawings was out of laziness? Interesting. I never really wondered about that, but it is still interesting to know.

  4. Laziness? Nah... it looks to me like Leo was sleepin' away and then BAM! The door to the lair busts open and a bunch of Foot pour in... he's got no time to throw on all his gear but he grabs one Katana and goes after 'em! The look on his face says "GET OUT OF MY HOME, YOU DISHONORABLE SCUM!" LOL

  5. Well I like it. I give it the Cynthia stamp of approval.

  6. -->> EEsh, k i guess nobody knows.



  7. I'm afraid I don't know Tokka

    I do love the story Wolverine B came up with and I agree, thats what it makes me think of too!