Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mirage Universe cover inks

Here is the inked version of the "Mirage Universe" cover pencil drawing that I posted a little while ago.

We're still planning to do it as a "flip cover" book, and I had drawn the pencil piece in exactly that orientation, but I cut the artwork in two in order to make it more convenient to ink. Also, it's easier to see all of the artwork when presented this way. -- PL


  1. This is really cool!

    I thought you'd get a kick out of this peter (and other fellow blog watchers.) I put up a bulletin board at the library today promoting biographies. To get the kids interested, I chose 8 politicians, actors, writers, historical figures, etc and made little folded books of paper. On the outside is a written clue about the person. On the inside, once you lift the flap, is a picture and the mane of the person. You have to try and guess who the clue is for.

    One of the clues on the board

    The Answer of course:

    Obama got one too! :)

  2. Seriously Awesome!
    But please tell me that you plan to put characters in the screens??

  3. Something that i've noticed in the TurtleVerse. When in doubt for background detail, use Triangles or Circles :).

    They're all over the technodrome ;)..

  4. -->> That Shredder kicks so much A55 !!