Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Blast from the Past #39 repost: Michelangelo's new costume

This is one more of the proposed redesigns for the unfilmed fourth live-action TMNT movie. Here we gave Mike a more “street” look because his new mutation gave him the ability to project a human appearance onto his turtle features, allowing him to interact freely with humans.

This reminds me a little of an even earlier idea Kevin and I toyed with for the TMNT comics. We had this (admittedly more than a bit goofy) plan to have Donatello make "human disguises" which the Turtles could wear that would allow them to move around undetected in public. These disguises would not have survived really close examination, though... for example, to accommodate the Turtles' three-fingered hands, they would wear special latex gloves which from a distance would look like human five-fingered hands, but actually had the index finger and middle finger fused into one, and the other two fingers also fused together in this way. I think I have a quick sketch of this somewhere, but I haven't seen it in a while. -- PL


  1. I still don't care what anyone says, I think these are really creative ideas.
    and I'd love to see that drawing of the other human outfit idea also.
    -Vaughn M.

  2. Did you ever toy with the idea of introducing X-Men style "image inducers", which shouldn't be to difficult for Donatello to cook up.

  3. -->> ..also killer, how Mike's got his chucks stored on his his upper arms.


  4. Well, we used to goof on the whole trench coat and fedora thing was..I mean it didn't hide the fact that they weren't human at all...This is actually much more thought out!

  5. Wasn't Mikey wearing this outfit in the Ninja Turtles 4 concept art that showed up on Steve Murphy's blog this past summer? I wonder if both are supposed to be from the same Ninja Turtles 4 brainstorming sessions.

  6. While I hate the ideas for this 4th movie, I LOVE the peek inside to what you guys had thought about doing.

    Just glad you didn't end up doing it. (I think you are too!)

    Love the blog Peter, please keep it up!

  7. The old cartoon had an episode where Michaelangelo could turn human. I remember thinking it was kind of silly at the time, but of course the old cartoon was wacky like that.

    Also I remember the ugly human masks the Turtles wore on the old cartoon, along with their trench coats and fedoras. I always thought the obviously fake look of the masks made it really funny.

    I think it's neat when creative people come up with similar ideas like that.


  8. To me they seem like they would make awesome toys. I would so get them. As for the movie, I dont think it would of gone very well. How bout a alternate dimension episode. Where these turtles actually exist. I also think that the idea that Donnie would've figured a way to walk amongst humans and not be detected, is past due. I mean, not only is it a Ninja ability, but he is a freakin genious. Great sketches, thanks for posting them.

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