Saturday, November 1, 2008

Blast from the Past #110: Unused TMNT color logo

This color version of the original logo for the first TMNT comics may have been created for use as an iron-on, but I don't recall if we ever made any.

I also don't recall which one of us did the colors on this one, though I suspect it was Kevin. As for the original logo design, I think Kevin came up with the basic look and I did the finished letters. (But I could be wrong... hey, it's been almost twenty-five years!) -- PL


  1. Mr. Laird, this design was in fact used for an iron-on. I have it. I had never seen it advertised in any of the comics, so I was surprised to find it! Awesome.

  2. -->> ..gonna go with Stephan's suggestion :: "Reproduction is be in order for these " .. christsake !!


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