Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RUMOR CONTROL re: the TMNT/4Kids "animated movie"

Given some of the unfounded rumors that have popped up in various places on the Web about the upcoming "animated movie" from 4Kids that Lloyd Goldfine made mention of in a recent interview, I feel compelled to clarify this one important point -- this "movie" is NOT just three more episodes added to the end of this current "Back to the Sewer" season. It is a completely separate project, intended from its conception as part of the 25th anniversary celebration. The reason it is being produced in three episode-length pieces is that doing so gives us more flexibility in how we show it. But it is all one story -- you can think of the three pieces as the three chapters in a three-chapter story.

While I am still not going to give a lot away at this point, I can say that this project may make a lot of fans quite happy, as it finally brings together the old and the new. And without being specific, I can also say that this project will also show fans the Turtles as they have never before been seen in animation. -- PL


  1. Peter,

    2004 onward has just been depressing in the personal life sense. Death of my dog, death of my parents marriage with a divorce announced this year, and my life getting increasingly dull and lonely with all my friends getting married off.

    I really hope I'm not reading too much into the announcement, but if it sounds like I think it sounds, this might make an old toon fan like myself happy. And that doesn't happen too often these days...

    If it's not what I think it is, it's still bound to be good due to the 4kids cast being in it :).

    Heh, the old show gave me something fun in life back then, and if you had told me we'd STILL be getting turtles animation in a new show 10 years later, I'd have thought they where nuts. Thank goodness for nostalgia bringing things back :).

  2. Just like Neil my recent years up till just this past hour has sucked majorly by amounts of many bad things that you have no idea and I won't even get into.
    But THIS, this makes it all feel so much better.
    I really hope it happens, and isn't just a pipe dream.
    And that the old and new do come together.

  3. Thanks for setting the record straight, Mr. Laird. I'm looking forward to it!

  4. Sounds like a few of us have been doing it rough in recent times. Good to see we all have something to bring us together in higher spirits!

  5. I have always thought 4 Kids should take the Shredder Arc from the first season and edit it together with some additional animation and FX and Rocking sound Track like the CGI TMNT film and put that on DVD for the anniversary. That Original shredder arc was fantastic....

  6. Ah...and now we know. Can't wait for this film. :D

  7. Great news, Pete! Can't wait to see what's in store.

  8. This sounds awesome!

    I hope we get to see a more modern, serious take on Rocksteady and Bebop. I always loved the look of Rocksteady's action figure and wished he was more menacing on the show. The figure appears so cold and calculating, like a special ops soldier who has endured battle and is out to hunt new prey. Bebop, I'm sure something more could be done with his character other than having him be a gangbanger.

    Anyway, I'm excited about this new project! The brief summary tease gives it an air of something more serious in tone ala "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm". That would be flippin' fantastic!!! :O )

  9. This is very exciting news indeed. I can't wait for this and I'm on pins and needles with anticipation.

    The only thing that could make this news better, is if it came with a confirmation of another season after Back to the Sewer.

  10. -->> ..despite the NEGATIVEentourage of this current day in age, the challenges put up with by my fellow fans and friends here..

    ( and allot of negativity i'm trying to sort out in Fan communities )

    like i've been trying to say ..there is and has got to be a little hope not just within' life but in this TMNT-realm we all seem to hold dear to many levels.

    How in the hell does one fight such overwhelming odds ??

    Really.. cuz at this moment , it's really hard for me to see or understand things people say. I mean they say it it's all " DOOM AND GLOOM " . - -- no alternative.

    I understand,coming from me it's kinda like the pot calling the kettle black ..

    but if you refuse to look anywhere but down the hole.. and that's all you focus on and that's all you WANT to focus on .. all the negative, all the BAD things .. without even just a tinge of seeking alternatives ..

    then perhaps you will be tempted to go down the hole and just stay in there forever.

    As one who's continually trying to dig himself out of a hole.. contradiction really makes that climb very slippery. I understand the negative so little anymore.

    If something like this can suspend, subside , and bring people closer together .. i am all for it.

    That type of thing is much more to my realm of understanding.


  11. Sounds nifty.

    BTW-- despite the silly plot of gathering Splintered Splinter and reassembling him, I do like this season. I hope there is more to come.

  12. While recent TMNT dealings have left me feeling pretty much hopeless in terms of seeing any more quality product, what you say still intrigues me... We shall see, I suppose.

  13. I know you can't reveal much right now, but voice actor wise, we'll we be hearing the current TMNT VA's, the 2007 movie VA's, or an entirely set of new VAs as the Turtles?

  14. Well ~Tokka, I am by far not a negitive person. But I also understand having hard times, having lost my dad in recent years and gone through a lot myself. I understand feeling the weight of loss, and the negitive. While I would never say to look only at what we suffer, to ignore it is simply as foolish in my opinion. Always there should be ballance between the reality of what we experiance and feel, and the hope and light we look for in the future.

    If a comic/show about reptiles and their friends helps you see light, I am overjoyed with that!

  15. Regarding voice actors: If it IS 1987 toon meets 2003 toon, I'd LOVE for James Avery and Rob Paulsen to come back as well...That's a must for any classic toon bit :)

  16. This project wouldn't happen to be the thing that replaces the aborted CGI adapation of the very first issue of the original Eastman and Laird's TMNT issue?

  17. I should visit this blog more often.

  18. I think this sounds really cool, I'd also love to see the BTTS show continue unfortunately I don't have the CW so I cant officially watch it. I have seen some of it and am pretty happy with it, just gotta wait until it runs on Fox and or the dvds release.

    Great news Mr. Laird thanks for the info!

  19. " John Pannozzi said...
    This project wouldn't happen to be the thing that replaces the aborted CGI adapation of the very first issue of the original Eastman and Laird's TMNT issue?"

    I think because this project is so different from the proposed CGI adaptation of issue #1, I haven't been thinking of it in that way. But I suppose you could think of it as such. -- PL

  20. Hey Pete. On a separate note: Do you have any idea what is planned for the future of the UK side of all things TMNT?

    The toyline/merch is almost cleared out unstocked everywhere, and the series no longer airs on TV. It seems like there is a dead period here again.

  21. hi peter

    there has been a lot of talk on a number of blogs and forums about the current state of things at mirage in regards to playmates and the 4kids show coming to an end. it all seems to be stemming out of the news that playmates is dropping tmnt and accusations of the brand being mismanaged. i understand that publishing and licensing are two different divisions. is what is happening in one affecting the other? fans seem to be getting up in arms about next years anniversary

  22. Hugh,
    I'm not Peter but you have a bit of a mix up going on when it comes to the news about Playmates.
    It's not that Playmates is dropping TMNT, it's that Wal-Mart will no longer be selling TMNT figures as of this Spring.
    That's the only thing going on with that.
    Unless Peter would like to shed some more light on the subject.
    -Vaughn M.

  23. thanks vaughn. my bad. but it still has a lot of people up in arms like it is the end of the world. all it says to me is that the current toys are not selling well enough for them to warrant stocking them. still i do not think that means that people should be posting that the tmnt are dead.

  24. Hugh,
    your welcome, and yes I agree.
    I think some people just want them to go away because of bad blood.
    Or other things are leaving a bad taste in their mouths.
    While I can point out allot of things that are being done wrong with the TMNT these days I'm not going to as it's not my property and I have no say in the matter anyway.
    The only thing I'm worried about honestly at the moment are the NECA figures as their website is not working, their have been no order forms in previews magazine for the next set of figures and Mirage hasn't heard a thing from them from what I'm told.

    Once again if Peter knows anything I'd really love some light to be shed upon the NECA subject.
    -Vaughn M.

  25. -->> ..again, valid points made by me even stating ' FACTS '

    and even within' the 'BIG',little business nature and state that is NECA fall on deaf ears.

    Playing devil's advocate or not, i have pointed out that patience is the key with the company.

    While dealing with millions of dollars in hi-profile properties and licensees, they still are a small company as it were.

    Distribution issues with just China alone have effected products already that were supposed to be out their catalougue earlier this year.

    The website ' NOT BEING UPDATED ' is not a new problem as of 2008 as this has happened in years prior. Suspition isthat they do not have the man-power to keep the site up-to-par once it goes buggy until they can get to it.

    I've also stated that there was some kind of 'SHOW' going on and that are rather buzy at this current time.

    This doesn't give them an excuse. They should be held accountable.

    However patience needs to be kept into the perspective of all this, or at least the issue of the NECA TMNT toys. Again.. TMNT is not the only franchise they are dealing with as you know, it's also not the only license that they are having problems or have had issue with.

    If you think TMNT is exclusive to that, that's rather sad.

    So .. if you choose to cave into the negativity and fear being waged at this current time .. it will consume and ruin TMNT for you.

    Keeping perspective and maintaining patience is not my strongest suit, i understand ..

    it's frustrating as hell and not ever easy. The fan-base is far more diverse as well as any of us can imagine.

    I suppose the frustration can go a million ways.

    But anyway what i am saying is advised.

    And if what i am stating falls on deaf ears once again.

    Well i guess there is nothing i can do about that ..but i can say i did warn you.


  26. i saw it said over on another blog that you take the good with the bad. from the looks of things the comics are going on the same as they always have and look to be getting stronger if the current stories are anything to go by (and the previews i have seen at some of the other blogs have got me excited for more). if the playmates toys are weened back i will live. if the show goes it will be a bit of a shame. but so long as the neca figures come and the comics keep going i will be happy.

    you bring up a good point about the neca figures too. i hope everything is still all right on that front.

  27. -->> It's all very shaky and hard i know.. this day and age, what isn't ??

    ..but i think even in the very least,Hugh those things you are saying are the steps in the right direction to keeping perspective.

    They are steps i find challenging as well, every day even.

    But how can one not try to make that effort without it all just going totally south.

    There is a power to positive thinking ..and it can be just as powerful in the negative.

    Perhaps the challenge for everyone is find the perfect balance of both. Also to not be consumed by it either way.

    It's tricky for me to see that lately with allot of the opinions i'm reading. Especially when i'm trying to gather the facts.


  28. right now the balance in the fandom seems to be substantially tilted towards the negative. online though. i doubt the casual fanbase has any idea of what is going on and i doubt the target fanbase does either. we have seen the negative and now it needs to be balanced with the positive.

    i have spoekn to a few people already about this and all of them beleive that if the business part of mirage put more effort into helping the comic book part the comic books really could become something very awesome. i saw a thread over at the jinxworld forums saying that it should be a top ten book and i agree and i think with the teams working on tales right now and the 25th anniversary next year things are definately going in the right direction.

  29. I was saying that in hopes that Peter could shed some more lite on the subject Tokka, I did listen to what you had to say to me lastnight.
    I'm just tired of people bitching about NECA when I do know for a fact they have allot going on.
    I'm trying to save us all allot of annoying comments.

  30. -->> ..alright.

    I do look appreciate Hugh's comments tho'.


  31. neca do an incredible amount of work for what is a relatively small company. and in all honesty i am surprised they have held in there as long as they have. i do not mean that they are not keeping pace, i mean that in this day and age i understand that it is hard for a smaller toy group to stay afloat. there is a process to everything and people need to be patient.

  32. Tokka,
    I was talking more along the lines of the naysayers not Hugh.

    Indeed I'm just worried for them and hope they don't end up like one of my other fave toy companies Palisades.

  33. Good God I miss Palisades. Those Muppets figures were the only figures I ever went all out on, and far out, they were awesome. Nothing will beat those for me (unless NECA does movie accurate Ghostbusters...). The Jim Henson figure could possibly be my favourite figure of all time.

  34. -->> NECA did do initial scuplts movie-accurate G.B. figs of the four main

    .. they just weren't allowed clearance to produce them.


  35. Thanks for rubbin' salt in my palisades wound Trist lol
    I still have yet to get Jim, Lips, or Zoot grr stupid ebay! I'm just teasin' but I seriously want those figures.
    And it sucks big time that the sesame street line was just about to start and they go under.
    If NECA could get that line and do it as well as Palisades Muppets they'd be getting all my action figure money.

  36. Haha! You did it first mate! Almost made me cry remembering how awestruck I was by those figures! We'll call it even ;)
    I used to think exactly the same thing too (re: NECA and Muppets).
    It was a true shame the Sesame Street ones didn't come. I was really hoping for Fraggle Rock. NECA have made it up to me though. Their Chamberlain figure is insanely cool!

  37. Trist deal,
    And I seriously hope we get that figure of Chamberlain and many other Jim Henson characters.
    I love the Bowie and Hoggle NECA figures.
    *sheds one more tear for muppet action figures from Palisades*

  38. I got the first Jareth figure, which I thought was REALLY good, and when I saw Hoggle I nearly fell over! I really hope we get Aughra, Jen and Kira (with Fizzgig!) though. The Dark Crystal was possibly the biggest influence on me in terms of my own artistic style (you probably can't tell from the things I draw nowadays though). I'm a huge, huge fan of Brian Froud's artwork!

  39. I've Met Brian Froud a few times Trist and not only is he an amazing talent but he's one of the funniest most humble men I've ever met also.