Friday, October 17, 2008

Blast from the Past #26 repost: Leonardo at "Fandom Directree"

I remember having a whole lot of fun with this drawing, which I submitted as my entry in one of the Fandom Directory’s art contests. It was penciled and inked by me. (The Fandom Directory was an excellent reference work for genre fan information. It had thousands of very useful names and addresses and other information. There is a Fandom Directory website at

-- Peter Laird


  1. -->> it appears that the directory isn't really published anymore. Guess it's all online.

    That site is a little confusing.


    I actually think Leo was looking for some cookies, but he has the wrong tree so the elf is pointing him to 3 other trees down and to the right (( Somewhere in Battle creek , Michigan )) ..

    yeh he wants the Other Tree with the ' elvin ' goodness.

    Yeh they make Matzos at this tree. None of that goyish stuff !!


  2. I love this. I have no idea why, it just tickled me when I saw it. Tokka beat me to it, but I kept thinking "Leo and the Keebler Elves"