Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blast from the Past #106: Redrawn two-page spread from TMNT #1

I really can't remember why I did this piece. It's a recreation of the first two-page spread (pages 2 and 3) from the first issue of TMNT. I penciled and inked this back in 1986.

I have a feeling it was done to be used for an ad or some kind of promotion. However, I can't recall if it actually WAS used in such a fashion. It's possible that it was used to promote the First Comics color graphic novel-style reprints of the early TMNT issues.

Looking at this drawing, I am once again reminded of Kevin Eastman's talent for layouts, as this composition is directly lifted from issue #1, which followed Kevin's layouts quite closely. If I had had the task of laying out this two-page spread, I don't think I would have come up with these imaginative poses for the four Turtles. -- PL


  1. I so wish we could get more old TMNT in the graphic novel format.

    Perhaps something to give us for the 25th?

  2. -->> one of the most iconic splash pages ever.

    I liked Dan's version and the alternate FOOT v. from " LEATHERHEAD Too "

    (( yeh to what Nolan said.. ))

  3. " Eric Talbot said...
    Nice! I dig the brush work."

    Thanks Eric! And that was from the days of real brushes and bottles of ink. -- PL

  4. love this picture, as with all the early stuff-so much character.