Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blast from the Past repost #21: "How To Draw Turtles" cover pencils

One of the several TMNT-related comics that Solson Comics put out in the 1980's was “How To Draw the TMNT”. I penciled this goofy drawing for the cover, and Kevin inked it. (Actually, I like this drawing a lot.) -- PL


  1. -->> Frackin' RAD.. you know that.

    ..the Solson's were odd, but internally ..the pages are great fun. Ut's always tricky tho' to execute a move from the Martial arts guides when the sensei has three fingers and you have 2 extra digits than he does.

    The books are also helpful for perspective on TMNT dynamics and anatomy. If in very least they help execute some ideas in illustrating some powerful moves when you draw the fighters.


  2. how odd, i quite like the furry things with the ruler.


  3. awesome, it's great to see this artwork in the pencils.

    when i was a kid in the 80's i'd always draw Ninja Turtles and Transformers.... yesterday i just finished my 4 issue run on Transformers Animated for IDW with my #3 coming out last thursday... it would be great to oneday work on turtles officially to.

    thanxx for posting this

  4. I've always had great admiration for this particular book, my copy is beat to hell from years of referencing it. I wouldn't say that the "steps" in it taught me much, but looking at the art and clean line drawings of the TMNT from all the various angles helped me to understand their form and began my obsession with doodling them in my childhood. Which is I'm sure at least partially responsible for my current artistic position in life.