Monday, October 27, 2008

Girl Turtles

My daughter sent me these two photos of her and three friends -- Sara, Colleen and Ellen -- at a Hallowe'en party this past weekend.

They decided to costume themselves as the four Turtles (although I think they went more for comfort and practicality rather than authenticity). -- PL


  1. -->> ..that 80s Tees exclusive is so damm cool !!

    Way to go, Ladies !!

    Happy Halloween, Laird Family !! ** ** ~~ @_@ !!


  2. Wish there were 4 girls cool enough to dress as the TMNT in my neck of the woods ;-P

    One must wonder though why they don't have movie authentic suits given their ties to the property and all.

  3. Are those new shirts? Good Goofy one to wear on Halloween :).

    Re-Authentic Suits..

    Hey Peter, Have you seen this one?

    Someone on the Technodrome Forums had it made up for something. Too bad it's too expensive for official licensing, but this thing should make an appearance at your comic con table this year for a 25th anniversary signing :).

  4. The turtles have never been so cute before! Bravo ladies!

  5. I've seen the ads for those shirts on Facebook ... $40 each! That's crazy expensive for me! But yeah, they look good on the girls. :)

  6. Which Turtle did your daughter go as?

    Say, Peter, I'm curious. We know your favourite Turtle is Don, but who's the favourite Turtle of your family?