Saturday, October 25, 2008

Blast from the Past #108: Donatello sparring with robot Donatello

This is another "done for fun" drawing, from 1987. I always felt that Donatello would at some point consider building robotic sparring gizmos to help in the Turtles' training, so that they could go "all-out" without fear of hurting their opponent (which would ordinarily be one of the other Turtles). -- PL


  1. Heh, after watching Today's new show...funny you should post this.

    Not only do I love this drawing, I have to say : Thank you for creating Serling. I loved him in Fast Forward, and he's turning out even greater in Back to the Sewers, making me REALLY wish that this was not the possible last season of the show. This thing just keeps on improving on itself...

  2. -->> ..hate to be accused of being a Parrot ..

    but i'll echo what Neil said.

    ~~** echo echo echo ..

    Rawwk .. ~~** now gimmee a cracker.


  3. Ha, he even built a robotic bandana! Donatello sure is thorough! I would love to see these worked into the comics.

  4. That's a pretty cool concept. If not this, maybe the Turtles should be introduced to protective sparring gear in the comics or toons.

  5. I love this drawing allot, and I have to agree with Neil I don't care what the Fast Forward hating cry babies say I think Serling is allot of fun.

  6. The Robot Don reminds me of Metalhead from the old toon. Did any inspiration for that character come from this drawing?

    Re: Vaughn's comments

    I too have enjoyed BttS very much, feels great to have the Turtles back where they belong with their regular supporting cast and continuity.

    And even if you call me a baby, I won't back down on my belief that Fast Forward was lacking in the every was (pastel colors, minimum violence and full of stock episodes that feature Mikey acting out of character.)

    Playmates I imagine had a lot to do with the gimmicky change and the current Cyber Turtle elements of BttS (though the writers are wise in underplaying it.)

  7. R,
    I'm just tired of hearing comments like waaaa Fast Forward should have never happend.
    It did it's cannon and people need to get over it and stop complaining about the past already.
    It's extremely redundant.

  8. Yo Peter,

    Was this training robot the thing that inspired the Turtle Bot Baxter created in the new show? Or are they two totally different ideas?

  9. -->> But, Neil wasn't the Turtle Bot devised initially for the first TMNT ( 2003 ) video game as a boss character by Konami, then later.. he was adapted into the show and would - be TMNT animated Comic story and such ??


  10. Hi Mr. Laird,

    This is kind of random but I've been watching your blog for a while, and I never really mentioned what a joy it is to look at--I'm a huge TMNT fan and I love the art and the frequency of your updates.