Thursday, October 2, 2008

Blast from the Past #98: Archie TMNT Adventures #44 cover, pencils and inks

Here's another cover from the Archie TMNT days, this one from issue 44 of "TMNT Adventures". It features everyone's favorite shark mutant, Armaggon. The first image is of my penciled cover...

... followed by Ryan Brown's beautifully inked version. -- PL


  1. Wow, these ARE beautiful . Thanks for posting them.
    The Armaggon era of TMNTA/Mutanimals was so important to me as an introduction to great adventure comics that I could really respect.

  2. Good times...this was my first TMNT comic ever. I'd been a toon fan but when I picked this up at the local gas station it was my first exposure to how much better the Turtles could be.

    The cover's just was seeing Armaggon that drew me in, ain't nothing cooler to a kid than a mutated shark. Hope he's part of "Forever War".

    That's why the Archie series rocked. It married the cartoon's "cool mutant" factor with Mirage's storytelling sensibilities.

  3. Sweet, one of the best covers of Archie, I liked this one really much as a kid, and it still looks great.

  4. It seriously is beautiful, I really hope that some day allot of these characters can become more than past memories of my teenage years.

    If you had to choose one TMNT Adventures villain to put into another TMNT universe say the new cartoon which one would you choose and why?
    And is it something you would ever consider? Or should we fan boys/girls stop asking lol

  5. Similar to "R" this was one of my first comic books. I loved how Armaggon was leaning on an injured Leonardo. This still stands out as one of my favorite covers ever. It's amazing how tight your pencils are, there isn't a broad jump between the pencilled version and the inked.

    Please somehow bring back Armaggon, in any medium. He'd make a great villain for the new cartoon show, or maybe he could appear in an issue of Tales and make the transition from old animated universe character to Mirage universe.

  6. -->> .. nothin' beautiful about Armaggon ..

    That ugly, evil jerk looks just as menacing and twisted as he's supposed to be.

    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


  7. Yea, Archie! And from my favorite arc no less. I loved a lot of the Archie covers and it speaks volumes that most of the Archie cover art was done by you.

  8. while this is far from my first tmnt book, specially TMNT Adventures, this was the one that solidified it to me as a great book and one that was much more than what it started out as, or at least it felt that way then as it does now. The Entire Future Shark Trilogy was simply amazing.

    thank you so much for posting this, Peter, this was truly a treat!