Monday, November 25, 2013

Blast from the Past #675: Sketchbook page 19, Leonardo leaping, new costume ideas

I like this drawing from page 19 of the sketchbook. I like the pose, the way I inked it, and the little bits of detail reflecting some thoughts on new costuming for Leo -- the different scabbard strap arrangement, the belt pouches (including one with the yin/yang symbol), and the "rising sun" graphic on his kneepads and over-the-head bandana. -- PL


  1. Looks great. The pouches kind of remind me of a print you did with Eric Talbot.

    1. Thanks, Chris. In the print you are referring to, I think Eric actually added those pouches when he inked my pencil drawing. -- PL

  2. Leonardo a'leapin'... *sung to the tune of the 12 Days of Christmas*

  3. "And four Turtles in the sewer!"

    I'm sure some one could write -- and very likely someone HAS written -- a TMNT-themed parody of "The Twelve Days of Christmas." In fact, I have a very vague memory in the back of my mind that I have seen one, sometime, somewhere. Or it could just be a pre-Christmas hallucination. -- PL

    1. This is a fun Twelve Days of Christmas based on the 4kids series:

      The artist even included you in the lyrics! :)

      On the twelfth day of Christmas Peter Laird gave to we -
      Twelve boxes of pizza
      Eleven major villains
      - no ten :( -
      Nine turtle series
      Eight dimension slips
      Seven scientists
      Six broken swords
      Five Mystic Foot
      Four turtle tots
      Three Shredder clones
      Two Guardians
      And a ninja from the Foot Army~!

    2. I admire the effort, and the artwork is fun, but the verse is... not quite there, in my opinion. -- PL

    3. There was one in the TMNT equivalent of the Star Wars Holiday Special.

  4. I've always loved this costume design for Leo, ever since you first showed it on your old BFTP website. I've actually set up my very first commission (with the amazing Michael Dooney) for Leo in this outfit!