Monday, November 11, 2013

Blast from the Past #665: Sketchbook page 8, leaping Leo with claws out

     The drawing on this eighth page of the sketchbook interests me, because I rarely draw in this sort of "chiaroscuro" manner. I admire people like Bernie Wrightson and Mike Mignola who can really pull it off. I think I got about eighty percent there with this one.

     I suspect this drawing was done to at least in part demonstrate how Leonardo's retractable/extendible claws would look in action... or maybe I was just having fun. -- PL


  1. WOW! This is one of the coolest sketches of Leo I've ever seen. I don't know how you did it/thought of it, but the fact that there's no line drawn for the blade. But you still see it, awesome!

  2. Hi Peter!
    It's a niece piece. (You didn't mention Frank Miller, but it puts me in the mind of him.)

    I was really happy to see new activity on your blog. And, obviously, these sketch book pages are a lot of fun to see. Nice artwork and interesting designs/ideas (obviously).

    I was wondering if these concepts would have been for the same project as the concept art Kevin Eastman revealed about a year ago? With Kirby the fifth turtle, Evil April and a villain called Spyder?

    Here's a link in case you don't know what I'm talking about:

    Or would that have been a different project? (I think you said in an earlier "Ask PL" that you made several, different, attempts at a fourth movie?)

    Kind regards,

    1. Gustaf, it is a little fuzzy in my memory at this point in time, but I think Kevin and I were working on the ideas for our proposed new TMNT comic book and the fourth live-action movie around the same time, so there was probably some overlap. It's even possible that we were considering making the two projects compatible, with the Turtles' new mutations and abilities being consistent between comic and movie. -- PL

    2. Thanks for your reply!

      I really would've liked to have seen either a movie or a comic book with these ideas. And having the two work together would be neat.

      Could you say something about what the storyline would have been for the movie (or the comic)? (Or is that something you're not allowed to talk about?)


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