Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blast from the Past #660: Sketchbook page 3, ideas for hulking mutated Splinter "were-rat"

On this third page from the sketchbook, I drew this rendering of how Splinter might appear in his "morphed" form. Here's a transcription of what I wrote on this page:

"Splinter could have the (limited) ability to morph into a huge were-rat

Perhaps he can't do this too much or too often, because it takes a lot out of him.

Whipping action tail!"

I wonder how this would have worked out if we'd actually gone forward with it? 

I find it a little amusing that I provided Spinter with some modesty-preserving torn shorts in this drawing, much like the Incredible Hulk and his purple pants. -- PL


  1. Did you imagine this to be a power under his control? I would have loved to see him struggle with controlling it.

    1. We never fully fleshed this out, but I recall that the intention was for it to be something initially under his control, but in certain circumstances it might get away from him -- the strength and ferocity might affect his reasoning powers. -- PL

  2. Splinter looks amazing as a mutated beast! I actually kinda liked his stint as a murderous vampire bat in the Image comics (random as it was)!

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  4. in the original series, Some of these designs actually came to pass... Raph Got Super Long Claws, Don got some kind of techno organic eye sensor. Leo degenerated into a kind of dinosaur turtle. The ONLY one who never changed was Splinter....The Wear Rat idea would have been kind of fun...