Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One of a kind! Act now!!! BUY THIS SHIRT!!!

Mike Dooney asked me to put up a blog notice about this cool t-shirt which
he is offering on eBay RIGHT NOW!!! (Until Saturday.)


what Mike put in the listing description.

" One of a kind Ninja Turtle shirt! Up for auction is a new unworn Large (it's oversized so I'd say it's more like an XL) long sleeve tee shirt hand signed and drawn on by the TMNT Mirage Studios crew of artists. The studio gang and myself thought that it would be fun to draw on this shirt and then go out for a beer with whatever we get for selling it here....so thanks in advance ;)

Artists who signed the shirt are; Peter Laird (TMNT Co-creator), Jim Lawson, Dan Berger,Steve Murphy, Eric Talbot, Steve Lavigne and Michael Dooney."

Here's the photo of the shirt Mike sent me:

Act now, and it could be yours! -- PL


  1. oh man, if only it were a medium!

  2. Yeah... even in this economy, I'd definitely spend money on that.

  3. Sweet stuff. I bet it will be bid up to a price that I can't afford :P

  4. you should have made murph do a head sketch. What a slacker :-P

  5. I see someone actually asked Mike if he'd take $20! Of course, he politely stated that he would be letting the auction run to the end.

    Worth a shot I suppose, but $20? LMAO. Besides, you find me a bar where 7 guys can all get a GOOD beer for $20 and I'll move there tomorrow.

    You boys enjoy your brewskis, now.

  6. -->> i wonder how much beer was spilt on the shirt ..

    .. i see a mustard and pretzel stain on the lower left corner as well.


  7. Man, this shirt is all kinds of special!

    I mean no offence to any of the others, but Dan Berger kicks serious ass with his sketch! Just look at that shading...

    Michael G Tough

  8. I'm guessing my bid won't last long.

    Brilliant shirt, however.


  9. Wow, that's gunna buy quite a night on the town. have fun guys!