Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blast from the Past #167: unfinished drawing of Savanti Romero and Renet

This is kind of an odd piece. I found it in the same place as that unfinished pencil piece by Kevin Eastman (BftP #166), and for the life of me I cannot remember what I did this drawing for.

Obviously, it features two of the main characters from TMNT Volume 1 #8 -- Savanti Romero (looking somewhat different from how he appeared in the comic) and Renet -- but why did I draw it? The layout of the drawing makes me think this might have been intended either for an ad or a pin-up.

I guess, like Savanti Romero himself, the true origins of this piece are lost in the dim mists of time. -- PL


  1. Savanti looks kind of cool. Maybe it could be a new character to the TMNT rhouges gallery...Never let a good unused character go to waist, I say :)

    Oh, and here's a Triceraton inspired piece I thought you'd enjoy. The last of three turtle drawings to try and improve whatever skill I once had..

    I think Dan Aykroyd should be introducing it in a skit called 'Bad Artists', instead of Bad Ballet :).

  2. -->> ..maybe this is a ' PRE - Demon ' - ish Savanti.

    He looked a little more um , err .. less demonic in his origin flashback in the cartoon..

    err yeh.




  3. -->> ..the board sez ' First ' on the upper left corner ..

    it's the old "First Comics " logo.

    Maybe this would have been a piece for the First trades perhaps ??

    Hmm.. dunno tho'.