Friday, March 27, 2009

Blast from the Past #171: another sketch for the cover of TMNT #4, Volume 1

This is an oddity I found in a drawer with some other stuff -- it's yet another preliminary sketch for my cover for issue #4 of the original Volume 1 TMNT comics. I have already posted one of these preliminary drawings (Friday, February 13, 2009: Blast from the Past #150).

This one is kind of strange in that I drew it on illustration board instead of the Bristol board I typically used. I'm not sure why. -- PL


  1. this is a very cool sketch, i like how the turtles look in it.

  2. -->> ..o man ..

    i wanna bring out those pencils .. see those classic shapes.


  3. Peter,

    I recently visited the main tmnt website, and saw you guys heavily updated the archives of the original mirage books. And with the publishing of "TMNT" now via print and online, it would in a way, bring TMNT into the next fold of "webcomics", even more so before DC or Marvel tried to capatalize on it.

    It made me beg the question, have you thought about taking the TMNT in a basic web format, possibly switching it up a bit? I understand the whole idea is to hold a copy in your hands, dead tree-print, but after seeing how many issues you guys have online already, I'm really surprised this avenue hasn't been discussed.

    If not, may I suggest something perhaps a bit easier for those updating the ninja turtles comic portion, by upgrading to wordpress and the plugin of comicpress?

    An example of this is, and it's a very, I find, flexible format. You can add comic-notes, and make it all purty, and it wordpress is basically "blogger" but it's installed directly on the hard drive space of the domain. I currently use it for my own webcomics, and mine are full-page comics, and it makes archiving and navigation from one page to the next. You can choose sometimes 'per story' or in your case, 'per issue'. and it is all on the page itself, that way you don't have to go to a 'main index page' to find the particular issue, etc.

    Specially being you and kevin, i feel, helped, with dave sim, officially lead the indie comic boom before the image boys came to town, i'm curious on your thoughts and development of upcoming tmnt comics on the web, like maybe offer new tmnt issues via print, like a month before being released online, for free, offer them in color, (perhaps a more limited run as well, but gives a reason to buy the book as well, to contrast the color, etc.) Or if anything, just keep the old stuff free, but release it on a M-W-F schedule, at 610x960, to sort of give a thrill of visiting for a "new" tmnt page! :)

    Sorry for it being not 100% in tune with your initial post, but upon looking at the other 'rough sketch' of that particular cover, i decided to check the tmnt archives on the site and was pleasantly surprised on how much you have online now, but also was a bit sad in terms of navigation. And i don't mean to, if it came off that way, to be insulting, hopefully it is not in any way, but those were some thoughts and i didn't know how else to direct some thoughts to you, the main man himself. :)

    and being based in webcomics myself, I'd love to see the TMNT as always kick butt, take names in the webcomic world, as I know also that New Hamp, Mass is a big place for webcomics, just having a webcomics weekend, etc, plus with the economy being in the crapper, diamond being a pain in the butt, things to discuss and throw at you, and get your take.