Wednesday, September 10, 2008

"Back to the Sewer" rumor control

I have noticed some comments online regarding the upcoming "Back to the Sewer" season of the 4Kids TMNT animated show that have posited that when the Turtles return from the future world of the "Fast Forward" season, they have not actually returned to the world/time they left, but have somehow ended up in an alternate reality or parallel dimension.

This is incorrect. When the Turtles come "back to the sewer" in the first episode of this new season, they are back -- and back to stay -- from whence they came, the same universe that has been their home since the beginning of the 2K3 series. -- PL


  1. I haven't seen the posts you've spotted, but..

    One of the things I think might be getting people confused is the quick little preview that was shown on the net. We've got what appears to be Chrell Shredder, Demon Shredder, and now one that most people assume is some kind of Viral Shredder as shown by the red blades on his armor. Which I find kind of odd since Viral has only seen Shredder once, so she can't possibly know the history between him and the guys.

    That's my reasoning as to why folks might think it's a parallel universe, but it'll be interesting to see how it all fits together.....

  2. -->> .. i figured Viral in some form or fashion would ' TEAM - UP ' with Shredder somehow, Neil.

    Maybe they somehow ' MERGE '.


  3. 3 Shredders...I thought they dealt with the Tengu Shredder already? Or is the Lost Season out of continuity?

    Anyway, can't wait for it (Even though I'm in Australia and probably won't see it until the middle of next year, cause that's how the TV networks pull the strings)!

  4. Then Viral must be a Liar because she said she sent them to a differnt place in the clip.
    What gives with that?
    hmmmm very interesting...

    Unless this all takes place in that cyber world part, but I don't think so because from the looks of it every time they go to that place they turn all Tron on us.

    And here I go with another Toy question:
    How come there are no Back To the Sewer Toys being released?
    -Vaughn M.

  5. Also 4kids is posting this on their site for the first episode.
    When the Time Window is finally repaired, the Turtles enter into it to head home, but instead of finding themselves back in the lair, our heroes find themselves with Viral! She’s escaped from inside Serling and has infected the Window so that she can send her most hated enemies on a harrowing, helter-skelter trip through the past, present and future and make them pay for all the pain they’ve caused her!

  6. I think in the short preview. The turtles mentioned they got into a nightmare universe or something and then Viral showed up in the sky telling them she sent them to this world or something. Anyway, a few more days to go and we all will know what the shell is going on. I think its good to see hype for the Back to the sewers show.

  7. How did anyone misconstrue this?