Thursday, September 25, 2008

"Blast from the Past" #96: Sketches for Foot robot from "City at War"

The robot which the tech faction of the Foot created to fight the other Foot factions in "City at War" went through a couple of design changes. This is my first sketch for the robot.

I kind of liked the odd, asymmetrical layout of this design, but I was also not really happy with the fact that it didn't look very dangerous. So I thought about it some more. and decided to go with this sleeker, more buglike version, which is pretty much how the robot ended up looking in the comics. -- PL


  1. -->> .. i think the 2nd translated well also in the 'C A W '..TOON version.

    The second is much more menacing.
    ( Tho ' the story is altered and the Bot is in league with the Mob and is Baxter's creation )..

    But the fist looks much more like a ' Kirby ' - bot.

    I could have sworn Playmates was gonna make a toy out of the Bot.

    I dunno. ~~


  2. Pete,
    I have always loved that design, and pray to the toy gods that NECA will make that thing! lol

    Any idea when the next set of NECA toys(Shredder, soldiers, April) will be coming out?
    -Vaughn M.

  3. i really like both designs, but as something the foot would use, the first doesn't seem like their style.

    with the recent trade of tales volume 1 and the archie stuff hitting for the 25th, is there a chance we'll see city at war finally collected?

  4. -->> o forgot , the Rovot is eatured in the GBA TMNT - Battle Nexus as a boss, it also flies..