Monday, September 22, 2008

Blast from the Past repost #13: Rejected Shredder playset idea

This was done back when we were trying to help Playmates out with some toy ideas. I devised this little vehicle/playset for the Shredder in 1988 -- unfortunately, it never made it to production. -- PL


  1. You seriously have some of the best toy ideas I've ever seen, and that's no lie.
    The line today could really use the imagination that you guys put into these concepts back then.
    Sadly it seems Playmates has rejected just about every cool idea you come up with though :(
    -Vaughn M.
    p.s. I'd still love that crazy snailman character you created to be made.

  2. I remember seeing this and hearing the 6 year old inside me start crying. This would've dominated as a playset!

  3. -->> ..

    Why the heck does Playmates reject this stuff in the first place ??

    Marketing i guess ..but .. i mean come on .. >v<

  4. "~ tOkKa said...

    Why the heck does Playmates reject this stuff in the first place ??"

    There can be any number of reasons a design is rejected. In this case, one of the big ones could be that this vehicle never appeared in the tv show. Also, if you look at the size of the Shredder relative to the size of the vehicle, this thing would have been pretty big, which means a lot of plastic -- another thing toy companies try to avoid (unless they have a lot of confidence in the salability of the product). It's also possible that Playmates may have already had another vehicle in the pipeline which was somewhat similar, or that this one was too "serious" to fit in with the overall somewhat goofy theme of those early toys. It probably would have fit better into the newer toy line. -- PL