Thursday, September 25, 2008

Blast from the Past repost #14: "Return to New York" collection cover, preliminary drawing by A.C. Farley

I stare at this pencil drawing by A.C. Farley in awe. This is a sketch he did for the cover he was to paint for the “Return To New York” collected book published by Mirage Studios. The painting turned out to be extremely beautiful (typical Farley work), but this pencil drawing is amazing to look at for the composition and detail.

-- Peter Laird


  1. I see this I think at the Planet Racers site and I was loving how this sketch came out. A real fight to the finish!:)

  2. Speaking oh which, is there going to be a new edition of th collected books for the 25th anniversary??? Man, the first in particular is very hard to find!

  3. -->> ..and the million dollar question ..

    Why hasn't A.C. done a TMNT piece in so long..??

    Dude's pretty elusive these days ..




  4. A.C. Farley was one of my favorite Mirage artists. I mean -- I loved 'em all, who doesn't? But on the rare occasions that he did interior work, I thought it was great stuff. And his paintings were fantastic! Didn't he do fantasy novel covers? I worked part time in a used bookshop during my college days and I seem to recall a few A. C. Farley covers...

  5. He's one of my faves right up there with You(Peter) and Dooney.
    But like Tokka I'm wondering what he's up to these days and why haven't we seen his beautiful art in so long?
    -Vaughn M.

  6. Beautiful. I've always been a fan of AC Farley's work. And he does everything--b/w art, painting, even sculptures. I would have loved to have seen him do something with Usagi.


  7. Yes indeed, Mr. Farley is amongst my favourite all-time artists as well. And like Mr. Sakai, I would like to see him do something regarding Usagi someday.

  8. I reached out to A.C. (aka Craig) in 2008 - interestingly enough his email address was available just by doing a quick search on the internet. What a great guy! We corresponded via email for several months. I bundled up everything Farley that I had and sent it over for him to sign, of which he happily did, including a few original pieces. Great memories!

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