Friday, September 5, 2008

Birthday gift from Eric Talbot, 1992

This is pretty neat -- recognize the drawing? It's one of the three that I did for my "cyberinking" experiments back in the early 1990's. Eric Talbot took that drawing and inked and toned it in his inimitable style, and gave it to me for my birthday in 1992. Thanks, man! -- PL


  1. This is wicked cool!

    Kinda a weird combination of erie (the fish is just so alien looking) and serene (Don looks so relaxed riding there.) Like a Zen print by H.G Giger. lol.

  2. All I've ever gotten from Eric is grief.

  3. -->> .. o F♥rck !!

    He turned the creature's 'below body ' in the water into something absolutely ' SPACEY ' ..

    Double yoo tee eff !! Gee whizz.. !!


  4. Murph seems all you get from anyone these days is Grief, I wonder if it's good Grief eh Charlie Brown?

    Heh anyway this is beautiful it's much differnt from Eric's current inking style, but I like both allot.

  5. Wow! I don't remember doing this. Did I work on the original pencils?

  6. " Eric Talbot said...
    Wow! I don't remember doing this. Did I work on the original pencils?"

    Eric, I think you did. (But I could be wrong.) -- PL

  7. Talbot's art is always incredible. I wish I was part of the crew just for the birthday gifts.

  8. Bought a 2005 version of scar girl from a lady in a yard sale . She said her sons friend drew it. She was a little sarcastic and s aid, wants to be a famous artist. I looked at the drawing and said he probably would make it. I HAD NO IDEA HE ALREADY WAS.