Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Special 2007 TMNT movie posting coming...

I can't do it right now, because I am at Mirage Studios and don't have access to what I intend to post, but when I get home in a few hours I will be posting something (assuming that I can figure out how to do it) that should be of interest to fans of the 2007 TMNT movie. Heck, it might even interest those who didn't like the movie, too. -- PL

UPDATE 9:21 PM: Okay, this is a little embarrassing -- I can't find the file I was going to put up. Got ahead of myself a bit, I guess -- I should have located it BEFORE I annouced that I was going to post it. I'll keep trying to find it, but it might take a while... maybe not until tomorrow sometime. Sorry! -- PL

UPDATE 3 -- Thanks to Dan Berger, the file is now posted! Go to, and you will find the last version of the script for the 2007 movie that Mirage Studios signed off on. There were some changes made after that in what was described to us as a "shooting script", but this was the one that we approved. -- PL


  1. My wife, three kids (7, 5, & 1)and I all LOVED last years movie

    Bring it on!!!

  2. I have paid for the whole seat, but I'm only using the edge!


    *heart pounds!*

    I LOVED the movie, and now I am dying to get home myself later and read what the news is!!!!!!!

    *happy anticipation*

  4. Cyn, calm down! *hands her a beer from Bjs*

    YAY and COOL!

    *waits patiently*

  5. Oh boy! I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I hope its something like that poster we saw of Leonardo and the anti-mutated turtles. That poster alone is a whole movie! Anyway, CANT WAIT!

  6. Sorry! I meant the one with MICHAELANGELO! not Leonardo.

  7. Uh-oh... I guess I should have been a little more explicit in my posting. The thing I am going to put up here (once I find it and figure out how to post it, that is...) is NOT about a new movie. It has to do with the last one, the CGI movie which came out last year. Sorry to get anyone's hopes up re: news of a new movie -- we're still working toward that, but there is nothing new to report at this time. -- PL

  8. *weeps at latest post by PL..*

    *snags beer from buslady; drowns sorrows*


  9. I'm looking forward to it...even though I thought the movie was good but lacking a sense of danger.

    The Brits have got to lighten up on their hate for Mike's 'chucks. Love the 'chuck!

  10. I am excited for whatever is going to be posted here.

    I loved the last film!

  11. *laughs*

    Okay I will stop refreshing the page then! :)

    Good luck finding you file!

  12. agh! you're such a tease!
    *goes to bed* lol

    Oh and btw some one tell Playmates to send some new or more merch to stores as most place (at least in my area) either have no tmnt toys or are sold out to maybe like 3 turtles and a splinter.

    I was at toys r us today and some poor little boy (no not me) was dissapointed that they didn't have any new toys for the cartoon.
    He couldn't have been any older than 5 or 6 it made me so upset.
    I wanted to say something to him but didn't bother cause I didn't want his dad to think I was some creep. :(

    So it's not just us long time fans missing out it's potential new ones as well.
    -Vaughn M.

  13. As Mikey said to Keno in Secret of the ooze:
    "You're forgiven!"

    One could only wonder what you have up your it CG models for Officers Eastman and Laird? :P

  14. No worries, I got that it was from the last movie. Still dancing!

    No worries on the file. The longer you wait, the sweeter the cake when you finally get to chow down!

  15. *now wants cake!*


    Okay... well, I will enjoy it-- though NOT as much as if it were MOVIE news-- but I guess that can't be helped.


  16. PL said..
    "I can't do it right now, because I am at Mirage Studios and don't have access to what I intend to post, but when I get home in a few hours I will be posting something (assuming that I can figure out how to do it) that should be of interest to fans of the 2007 TMNT movie. Heck, it might even interest those who didn't like the movie, too. -- PL"

    PDF? Please let it be the original script.

  17. It's okay Pete, PDF files can be confuddling...

    I'm patient.

    *hands Cyn cake and another beer*

  18. HEY! Don't worry Mr. Laird. At least I understood right off, that it was about the las movie which I loved.

    Although I AM anxious for a new movie, and I tell you, even if there is nothing to announce about it right now,getting the information directly from you is a very surreal experience.

  19. Any new TMNT info is interesting info! And last years' movie rocked. It's been a long time since I last saw a movie more than once at the cinema, but I couldn't very well go to see it as a kid-fee night out for my hubbie and me, and then NOT take the kids to see it too! Actually, it was the first trip to the cinema we've taken them to where they all sat quietly through the whole movie, they were that engrossed! ^^

    Good luck with freeing the info from that PDF file.

  20. Darn, what teases! Heh heh. Can't wait for the news!

  21. Waiting for the this, must be good :)

    Oh, and just got my Quazine (signed by you and Jim) and Portfolio today, They're great! This also proved that Mirage site isn't that hard to use to buy something, like I thought it was earlier :)

  22. @R - not our fault, the censors... we wanted the nunchucks!

    //waits to see what PDF is...

    Oh and got my TMNT Portfolio yesterday too, thanks to whoever at Mirage for getting it safely to me here in the UK!

  23. Waiting patiently and on the edge of my seat! I loved the movie. My friend caught me "Matt Damonining" (which means a single tear rolling down your cheek) as the opening shot of the Turtles came on screen. (Ok, I wasn't really crying but I was uber-excited).

    I too got my Mirage Portfolio on my b-day this past Sunday...I am in awe of their beauty. Thank you and everyone who made it possible to put them in my hands!!! :)

  24. -->> ..o dude.

    wonder how close it is to novelization Steve hammered out.

    Thanks, Peter !!


  25. I've only read through the first few scenes, but I can't thank you enough for posting this for us. I enjoyed last year's movie, and it's interesting to see what was cut or added into the final version. It seems like Don and Mikey had bigger roles in the script, and I really hope that the two will get more air time in the next installment. Thanks again, Peter, for going through the trouble to share this!

  26. Oh this is simply awesome. It's a shame my power is out... (I'm still in Ohio) and I am at the rents. They have their Norton blocking any actual downloads and I'm not gonna mess with it and hear about it. I hope my power comes back on today cos I totally want to read this!!!!
    Thanks Mr. Laird for posting!!!

  27. After only reading the first several pages I can tell you why this was better then final cut, first no mention of Winters or his cursed generals (thus not giving away a key element of the story in the first five minutes).
    Splinters narration is far superior to Fishburne's overblown opening.

    A greater sense of menace with the Pantara and the Mugger, but I could already see the shady hand of the MPAA, who will never allow any type of real action in a PG rated TMNT movie, especially after they probably took a beating from the first movie.

    And more scenes with Don and Mikey.

  28. Wow!

    Well worth the wait!!!

    It is interesting to see the changes in the script.

    I loved this movie!

  29. Man, I wish this had been around when I'd taken my scriptwriting class back in college...

    I LOVE this... It's amazing to think that all the action and emotion and amazing story begins as a few words on a page.. :)


  30. Peter,
    Wow what a read!!! You know it's odd both this and the novel for the movie have something that the movie seems to be missing, I can't put my finger on it but I enjoyed reading the book and this draft more than watching the movie oddly enough.

    I really loved the cut scene with Raph, Casey, & Gato, I can not believe that was cut!

    Ahahaha Man I wish the Treasure Hunter scene wasn't taken out also, that's one of my biggest complaints about the movie is that the end seems so thrown together and rushed.

    The old toon car horn thing was cute but I could see why it was cut from the film.

    Ahah that Mikey joke was great shame all of this got cut!

    Omg a splinter fart joke lmao wow that's a bit much but I can't lie I would have laughed at that, but once again could see why it was cut for time.

    The part at the end when Casey, April, Karai, & the Foot Soldiers are looking for the last monster has got to be one of my favorite parts hands down.
    Shame allot of it was cut out, more than I was expecting, like I said all this cutting at the end causes it to seem rushed and to end to quickly.

    WOW! I loved that ending so much more than the one that they used!

    Thank You (and Dan for helping) for sharing this with us.
    -Vaughn M.

  31. Well, this is really interesting! I can't read all of it now, but I've managed to quick read some, and I have to say COOL!.


  32. WOOT! Thankin' you and Mr Berger very muchly!!

  33. Its prettu much the same. There were a few things they did better in the movie and a few things that were better form the script. Oh man, why did the take out the part where Raphael chooses the Sai from the Bolo???!!! HAHA! Thanks PL!

  34. Is it possible to post the shooting script for comparison?

  35. Thank you Pete, it was a interesting read.

  36. Its too bad they have a time limit. I loved the part from the script where it prepares you for the big fight with the Foot at the end. The way the movie made it was a bit abrupt, but hey! That was also done good!

    Man, I would also love to see Splinter in a one 0 one.

  37. Wow! Just finished it. Thank you so much for posting this!

    It's interesting to see what was and wasn't used. And as expected the characterization is awesome.

  38. Amazing! There is so much that we were missing in the final film. I loved the movie in and of itself, but the full, uncut story is much more epic!

    And in a similar story to Vaughn's regarding TMNT figures. Last Sunday, I was at Toys R' Us getting my parents their anniversary gifts (My mother wanted Little Mermaid III and my dad collects the Star Wars figures with the coins), and there was a kid looking at the TMNT figures - couldn't have been more than eight. This TRU's TMNT section is nearly bare - except for the big stuff (like Mini-Mutant playsets and old Paleo Patrol vehicles), all they had were some Wave 1 Mini-Mutants, a Paleo Patrol Leo, Thrashmor, maybe seven Alien Hunters Turtles. The kid is looking at Alien Hunter Raph, and (I can only assume he's wondering aloud) asks "How come they don't have the Raphie I seen on TV yesterday?" After his mother sees him looking at it maybe three or four minutes later, she tries to make him put it back. He insists that he wants "Raphie", even after she practically forces him to get an Iron Man figure instead. In the end, he did walk out with "Raphie", only because, unlike me at that age, the kid actually had money of his own (perhaps it was birthday money....?) The point is, this, like life at its best, is bittersweet:

    A.) The child denied a figure of Iron Man, a character who had been in a film earlier this year, because he wanted a TMNT figure, which hadn't been in theaters for a while.
    B.) He actually sounded quite disheartened when he didn't see a Back to the Sewer Raphael, and settled for the next best thing.


  39. For some reasons, i've seen the parts that were cut off from the script. Perhaps they made it into the prequel comics or movie adaptation comic?

    ANyway, it's good to see young fans of the TMNT. I still remember how happy I was to have my Ralph,Don and Mikey figures when I was 5

  40. There is really nothing left to say except Thank You Mr Laird!! ;o)

  41. I know I'm 5 years late but is there any other website to download this script? The link now takes me to the official website for Bay's TMNT.

    1. Sorry, I don't know where you can download it now. -- PL

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