Friday, October 2, 2009

Blast from the Past #235: Promo poster for TMNT/Cerebus crossover issue

This is a bit of an odd one. We produced this poster to promote the publication of TMNT #8, the issue which featured a crossover adventure with Dave Sim's great character Cerebus the Aardvark. Kevin Eastman was a huge fan of Cerebus and Sim, and really pushed hard to get this project together. Dave was amenable to it, and turned in some great stuff -- he did all the drawing of Cerebus in that issue as well as Cerebus' very witty dialogue.

As I recall, for some reason Kevin only penciled this image, and I got the job of not only inking it but coloring it as well. This was pretty unusual, as typically Kevin would handle color jobs of this nature. And given that this one involved Cerebus, it's especially surprising he didn't do this one. I don't remember all the details as to how I ended up doing this work, but it was fun, and I used a technique I was enjoying at the time of using acetate overlays to do wacky color backgrounds, mixing various color inks with salt to achieve some interesting effects. -- PL


  1. Hey I just snagged a poster of this off of ebay. Has an advertisement on the top and I think it was a pull out from some 80's comic magazine. Neato!

  2. @Powder - some of them were like that and some of them were not; mine does not have the advert for the convention in question that it was also used to advertise apparently.

  3. Pete. I love this poster! I still have the original from when I was a kid. Do you remember if it was given away free? I think I picked it up from Moon Dance(r?) comics in the Hampshire Mall or this other comic shop that was in the "Dead Mall" (that was the best shop ever!). I think it also got my sister into reading Cerebus. Thanks! I love the Leonardo!!!!

  4. -->> ** Meyhem , Powder , and people..

    here's the 'SOUTHERN DUTCHESS NEWS'.

    Not promoting necessarily the comic itself or a convention but their publishing services.

    My poster's pretty dinged up, but still in one piece.

    apperrently they were located in a place with the coolest city name in the world : Wappingers Falls, NY .

  5. -->> ** meant to say it's the version of the poster by the S.D.N.