Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blast from the Past #236: Steve Bissette pencils for "Turtle Soup" cover

I can't recall precisely when this single issue of "Turtle Soup" -- an anthology of TMNT stories by a varied group of creators -- was published, but I suspect it was during that fertile period of the late 1980's.

We managed to convince Steve Bissette of "Swamp Thing" fame to pencil the cover for the book, and he turned in this typically awesome and Bissettian masterpiece. I had the pleasure of inking it, and I believe Kevin applied the colors for the finished piece which was printed. -- PL


  1. Ahh, Mirage Krang. I still find it amusing that lots of characters are green lit for old school merchandise, but we can't get a Mirage style comic book on the old show going :)..

    It'd be a nice compliment to those fans who don't get into the dark gritty turtles because it's a tad too 'serious'......

  2. neil,
    i agree man,it scares me a little.
    the fugitoid is just so dark and threatening.

    the mirage turtles arent dark and gritty.
    theyre the tv turtles and then some.
    when were they serious?
    did i miss something?(talesv2#36?)

    kid,only stupid people use words like dark and gritty to describe comics.
    (and yes,80/90s fans of batman,wolverine and lobo this means you)
    if you were smart enough to read JUST 11 ISSUES you would see the mirage turtles have variety over the wolf turtles never dreamed of,and are surprisingly 3-dimensional very human characters.
    (ex. not just raph can get frustrated,they all can,like REAL LIFE)
    its refreshing to read as an adult compared my simple childhood mind,so you should give it a shot and move on.
    slightly,still read about turtles.

    PL,people like this is why,personally i think vol.1 should be re-printed and released monthly.
    or somethin'.
    fans need to discover what they missed in the 80s.
    i was the same way til i read the comics on your homepage.

  3. To answer the question, "When was Turtle Soup originally published" it was September 1987. I actually still have a copy of this cool black & white comic compilation.

    It looks like Mr. Bissette also has the first story in Turtle Soup #1 too! Pretty awesome stuff.

    Actually there is a second Turtle Soup #1 that was released in November of 1991. This one was in full color. The cover was done by another one of my favorite artists. Michael Dooney.

  4. -->> Bissette's legendary.

    Fans need to thank their lucky stars Steve was there to add his brilliant mind and hand to the franchise.

    I am assuming this is his earliest TMNT work if not very "FIRST" ( ?! ) Turtle piece.

    Bissette's work was key to a number of important Vol.1 issues ( like the Ruturn of Shredder ) but he even contributed some powerfully fun pieces to thr ARCHIE TMNT verse as well.