Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blast from the Past #244: Pencils for cover of "TMNT Adventures" #40

Of the covers that I penciled for the Archie Comics-published "TMNT Adventures" book, this is one of my favorites.

The layout was inspired by my memory of the great Jim Steranko "Incredible Hulk" cover from "HULK King-Size Special #1" in 1968. -- PL


  1. That's actually how I learned what year Columbus "sailed the ocean blue". Sure, they told me the same thing years earlier in school, but it's so much easier to pay attention when Donatello is carrying a giant, stone year around on his shell.

  2. That picture reminds me of the newer Incredible Hulk Cover like that, which must be an homage to the one PL is talking about.

  3. yeahhh
    hulk was great.
    i think i have that issue in my garage.

    new hulk is really corny.
    red hulk?
    Didnt 70s tv producers make that up?

  4. Always loved that piece.

    - Andrew

  5. PS by 4th or 5th grade, I mean 15 or so years ago, haha.

  6. I remember in 4th or 5th grace copying the drawing of Columbus for use in a book report about Christopher Columbus. So funny!

    Thanks for autographing this issue for me some years back in Philly!

  7. -->> The Other helps weave a tail that for once cleared up ( at least for me ) many of the myths and very sad truths within' the history of this portion of North America .


  8. I remember this. Was it really seventeen years ago? Ahh!

    Good issue.

  9. To me Donatello, looks like Atlas in this pose rather than Hulk. Atlas was a Greek god (mythology) punished by Zeus if I'm not mistaken, he was force to carry the world for eternity.