Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Musings about the sale

This evening, my daughter Emily wisely advised me to make a statement about the MTVN/Viacom/Nickelodeon buyout of the TMNT property on my blog... so I am going to try to do that. I suspect it won't be the last statement I will make about this subject.

I will try to touch on some of the things that folks have inquired about, but I can't guarantee that all questions will be answered.

First, why did I sell the TMNT? There are a number of reasons, but first and foremost is that I have been doing this TMNT thing for twenty-five years, sixteen of them in partnership with TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman and the last nine as sole owner of the property. That is a long time. It is almost half my life (I'm 55). I never expected to be working on the same thing for this long. And it has worn me down. I am no longer that guy who carries his sketchbook around with him and draws in it every chance he gets. That guy did all of the pre-TMNT artwork you have been seeing on this blog in many of my "Blast from the Past" posts.

I miss -- I really, really miss -- being that guy.

My fervent hope is that by divesting myself of this wonderful but needful-of-constant-attention property, I might -- I just MIGHT -- get back to being that guy. Or something LIKE that guy.

It will come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention that my energy level for things TMNT has flagged in these last few years. As one result, the production of TMNT Volume 4 comics has slowed to a crawl. That's not good. I have a conclusion planned out for that series, and at some point I want to get to it. Maybe this sale will help me get to that point. We'll see.

The idea of a sale of the TMNT property to a third party is not a new one. Kevin and I, while we were still partners, discussed it during the 1990's and actually came to the conclusion that if the right deal came our way, we would take it. We got a couple of offers -- one of which was, in retrospect, pretty decent, and another which was simply ludicrous and insulting. We took neither of them. This one, this sale which was completed on Monday of this week, came out of the blue. I was not actively pursuing selling the property, though Gary (CEO of Mirage) and Fred (my attorney) knew that it was something I might be interested in should the right buyer with the right deal come my way. And then Viacom/MTVN/Nickelodeon showed interest and we started talking.

I've known for a long time that at some point in my life I would sell the TMNT. I just wasn't sure when it would happen. But, as they say, in this case "the stars lined up".

I know that many fans are concerned with how the TMNT will be treated now that they have a new owner. I am also concerned, but I have faith that the new owner will treat the property with due respect and make the most of it. And the simple fact is -- I didn't have it in me any more, and the property DESERVED a new owner. Now it has one, with powerful roots in the entertainment business. I am actually quite excited to see where they take TMNT.

I am pretty certain that what Viacom/MTVN/Nickelodeon will do with the TMNT is NOT going to be what I would have done with it had I kept ownership. But is that necessarily bad? I think not. For example, if Kevin and I had had our way back in 1987, the original TMNT animated series would have been a lot different. It would probably have been a lot more like the 2003 4Kids show. Now, I really like the newer 4Kids series, but I also know that many fans much prefer the lighter, goofier original series. I don't know what the new Nickelodeon series will be like... but maybe it will be something better than either of the old shows, or simply something new and different, with a fresh approach and attitude. I think everyone should wait and see before passing judgment.

One comment -- which I have seen online several times -- expresses the sentiment that this sale will mean "the end of TMNT". This baffles me. Unless I am completely naive, the sale to Viacom could very well mean a brighter future for the TMNT property than was previously feasible.

On a final note (at least for this statement), please understand that I sold the TMNT property, not Mirage Studios. Mirage still exists, and it's still my company. It just doesn't own the TMNT intellectual property anymore. I'm not sure what its future will be. For a little while, it will be helping with the transition of TMNT over to its new owners. But after that...? I don't know. What I am hoping, however, is that this little core group of creators sticks together, both as friends and collaborators. And I think that is certainly possible. -- PL


  1. Sorry man, I don't get you.

    You sold out the property rights to TMNT?

    Why the hell did you do that?

    If you were tired of TMNT, why didn't you just do something different?

    Now, your Mirage Studios has no property. The one good thing you made you sold.

    I would never sell my property no matter what.

    If you were tired of TMNT, you should have just ended the comic and done something else.

    There was no need for you to sell it.

    You could have made a deal to just sell the TV rights.

    You were an inspiration to me, now you are nothing.

    If you can't even hold dear your TMNT property I got little faith in you making anything new you will hold unto.

  2. With all due respect Mr. Laird, Viacom ripped you off. TMNT is worth far more than 60 million.

    Will they give you and Kevin credits on all future TMNT endeavors ala Siegel & Shuster on Superman?

  3. Peter,

    I can really get what you're saying. You're at a point in your life where you can go back to living for yourself-- something that not everyone gets a chance to do. If the TMNT property was not allowing you to do that, I can really relate.

    Thanks for everything you and Kevin did. People forget that sometimes there's a transition from love, to labor of love, to labor.

  4. A great many thanks for taking the time for posting this for us all here, Pete.

    As a human, I can say I'm happy for you that you have found a proper deal that will allow you to move on, because I know how important that can be and have no idea about the massive amount of energy that is needed to juggle a huge property like TMNT have become. I very much look forward to seeing what new projects you take part in should the opportunity arise and I thank you endlessly for the years of entertainment and enjoyment you've brought us all through the Turtles. Especcially these recent years, where I believe you and the Mirage crew have reenergized the property and fanbase with the recent projects. The 2k3 show and Volume 4 comics are some of my favorite additions to the Turtles legacy.

    As a turtle fan, though. Of course I'm concerned about the direction they will take things. Especcially after the strides you've all made in recent years to bring it all back closer to the Mirage cannon's roots. I hope that's the path they continue on. There's plenty there. I don't mind growth, but I dont want them to rewrite history. Respect is the key word.

    I hope the comics continue and Volume Four gets completed. How does this deal work for you guys as far as publishing and creating books? Are you still "allowed" to do such a thing? I truely have no concept of how this works, as I'm sure many others here don't either. I think I can rest easy with this whole deal if I at least know that the TMNT comic world is in safe hands with you guys...

    Thanks again, Peter. Take care,


  5. Wow.

    I really don't know what to say. I can understand wanting to step away from the day to day responsibilities of the franchise, but to sell everything?

    I do think that the turtles were due for a new direction but it doesn't seem right that Mirage will no longer be attached to the turtles.

  6. hi pete,

    thank you so much for taking the time to answer al of our questions about this buyout. It really isnt any of our business why you sold or whats going on business why and I really appreciate your words and time. I can understand as an artist how its possible to just loose steam and interest in something you have worked on for so long.

    I know as a fan, i will never loose passion for the turtles no matter what. Nick might ruin the property or help evolve it in a way that will only improve it. I just know that the turtles have made me laugh, cared and learn about things growing up and will always be in your debt because of it.

    You have created something that will last for a long time and i am sure that must make you a very happy man. I hope that you will go back to enjoying drawing and finding yourself again as an artist. I always wanted to go to mirage and take one of those tours but now it sorta makes me sad i will never get that chance too.

    there may be some people who will be upset with you bc of the nick deal and that is understandable too. however, true fans of the tmnt will never loose their passion and should be happy knowing that there will be someone with a fresh pair of eyes to the brand that will carry on their legacy for years to come. thank you peter for everything you have done and please continue this blog since it really seems to chear me up on a daily basis. you are a wonderful artists aside from the tmnt, and that is something that shines through your blog. who knows maybe one day you can work on a star trek comic? that would be cool! take care and my best to everyone at mirage! sincerely - Mauro B

  7. *applauds* awesome post peter. I am very happy with your sale of the TMNT. I think Nickelodeon will do good things with them and give them the attention the fans want lavished upon them :D

    2 questions though:
    1) Does this mean that all Nickelodeon owns all of Mirage's past catalog of TMNT comics as well?
    2) How will you finish publishing your "conclusion" to Volume 4 if you don't own the rights to TMNT?

  8. After reading your comments... I understand where you're coming from, though it does little to assuage my shock upon reading the bombshell earlier today.

    I grew up on the Turtles, and in the order that their stories were introduced to me, they kind of grew up with me. I only just got into the comics in the last few years, and my signed copy of the Vol. 1, #1 reprint, along with the Mirage Christmas card from 2007 are two of my most prized possessions. So as a fan, I'm devastated at the moment.

    That being said, I certainly understand getting burnt out on a project. I spent the better part of my high school and college careers working on an online graphic novel, and by the time I finished it, I was so sick of the characters that I never wanted to draw them again. And that's only four odd years! I can only imagine how sick of the project I would have been if I had spent 25 years on it.

    As for Mirage, I look forward to seeing what new IP's your teams can come up with. Two selfish questions, before I wrap up, though:
    1) The one comic book I look forward too every month is Tales of the TMNT. How long can we expect Tales to continue?
    2) With your big IP sold, will Mirage be looking for new IP's from outside creators?

    Thank you for your time, and good luck with the new direction for Mirage.

  9. Agen, you really need to lighten up... In the end, this is not going to end anyone's life.

  10. I'm hoping Nick uses this chance, aquiring the TMNT property, to take their programing in a new direction. They could produce an Adult Swim-type ripoff block of shows in prime time centered around a new edgy TMNT series and draw in an older audience. Something they haven't probably done since the days of their (great) Saturday Night "SNICK" lineup with Ren and Stimpy, ect...


  11. Pete-

    Thank you so much for taking the time out and writing this reply to all of us.

    One of the issues I was most confused about was knowing the love you have for this property I was baffled how all of this happened so quickly.

    Your reply put my mind at ease. I completely understand your reasoning and wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.

    I am cautiously optimistic about what Nick will do with the brand, as long as they stay true to the characters you created I am 100% on board.

    Turtles has been a part of my life for almost the entire time I have been a live and I don't see that changing any time soon.

    I really can't thank you enough Pete for everything you have done for and with this fandom. You have created something so amazing, that I am certain will continue to effect people for years to come.

  12. Wow. I can;t say any of us saw this coming but I wish you all the best and hope we can stay in touch via your blog.

    I honestly don't know what career I'd be in if not for the TMNT and all of Mirage's art. I will continue to support Mirage and look forward to seeing what the future holds for the TMNT property.

    Thanks for always being so open and honest, Peter.

  13. I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future. Good luck and don't worry about what others think. You have to do what is right for you and your family.

  14. Peter,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us in this transitional time. I've heard and read enough stories of famous people that just make drastic changes in their life with success following them. As a fellow human being, I cannot emphasize enough, how much of each story is truly missing. The sleepless nights, stressful meetings, loss of energy, etc... I hope that this community recognizes your generosity and provides support for your new endeavors as opposed to driving you away with negativity. I know you made the right decision because it's what you as a human being, not creator of TMNT, have to do to, this sounds cheesy, live again. I hope you are excited to challenge yourself again and don't find it a chore to share with us the fruits of your labors! Let's move on quickly with this sale thing and help Pete get back into being the dude we all want him to be because he wants to be that dude! Oy! My head hurts.

    Pete, if you decide to take some art classes at UMass I just might have to quit my job in LA and move back to Amherst! Let me know!

  15. I'm a bit worried for the Mirage employees who I've come to know and respect over the years.

    But congratulations to you, that is a hefty sum and you deserve it. TMNT has brought me a lot of good times and everyone and mirage and you mean a lot to me. I actually flew out to New York by myself just to meet you at NYCC a couple years ago (and I got to meet Kevin, Murphy, Dan, Mike, and everyone else too).

    I hope that someday you get to go back to enjoying being an artist and creator again, and maybe this will encourage you to create some new stuff, the next TMNT maybe.

  16. I don’t know to be happy or sad that the Turtles have be sold. I understand what you mean. And thank you for all your years! Everyone at Mirage have been so nice to me for 30 years of my life. Thank you all ! Turtle Power.

  17. You got ripped off, my friend. I would've paid you 25 cents and two Cheerios box tops for the franchise =D

  18. Peter,

    Just wanted to say thank you for 25 years of TMNT. I can certainly understand your feelings of burnout—I know I've never worked on any one project for anywhere close to that amount of time, and moving on has always been a relief when any one thing gets stale.

    My only hope is that whoever at Nickelodeon inherits the reins sees things as you do, because I too feel that the TMNT2K3 series was vastly superior to the 1980s cartoon primarily due to the presence of actual plot and character development, which the 80s cartoon simply didn't have.

    What was great about 2K3 was that even as a kids' show, it was something adult fans of the series could enjoy too. I think Nickelodeon would be extremely foolish to turn their backs on a recipe for success like that in order to make another goofy show just for the kids.

    And on that note, I also hope Nickelodeon is able to bring aboard the voice actors from the 2K3 toon. No one has done a better job at voicing the TMNT and the supporting characters than those folks.

  19. Laird this deal is wrong please reconsider before it is too late you got ripped off please take back the francise before it is too late

  20. I'm glad you listened to your daughter. I'm still not sure how I feel though-- I'm sorry, I keep thinking of the guys who have worked with/for you for so long. I can understand some of where you're coming from-- but it's like Conan- Doyle selling his rights to "Sherlock Holmes" to Stephenie Meyer.

    But yes, it was needed, this post by you. Kudos to the daughter, she is as wise as she is beautiful.


  21. This came as quite a surprise to me. I do not know how I feel about it.

    However, I do think that much good can come from this is the right development team is able to lead TMNT in a new direction. While I would have loved to see a gritty version of TMNT I think that possibility is now gone. Damn. Although, it is possible to have a strong, and mature deep story with a childerns media developer. There was Gargoyles from the early '90s and there is Spectacular Spider-Man. Nick has the ability to access a young to preteen boy demographic, one which is stronger than 4Kids. So there is a chance that we could see a return to 2k3 series level content once again. I have reserved excitement of potential for the future.


    thank you for your time and your wonderful effect on my childhood.


  22. Pl-

    So, Gary Richardson WAS key to the purchase? Not surprised. Seems like the man has been trashing your company for years with crooked deals and suspicious decisions. Can't wait to see if he gets a cushy job with Viacom for this.

    Loved your work and glad you got some cash for the sale. Can't blame you for being burned out either, but I gotta say I don't like this, and I really don't like the circumstances it happened under.

    Enjoy yourself pete.

  23. i think we should all panic over cartoon turtles,but thats just me.

    haha,good call on emily laird's part.

    i dont hear bad news!
    EXACTLY how iron man is being treated right now by viacom!aimed at kids and adults too.pretty damn good.

    but tales..
    and its not even the heyday.
    im sure NICK wont mind mirage as long as they get $$$ too
    try that,PL,we all really like it.

    whats this might crap?
    move yer asss
    (in an encouraging way)
    It'd be great to see a new PL comic,poster,TMNT31 or whatever.
    screw relaxing,relax while you draw

    mirage has real potential against the big 2.
    DEATHS LAST,so theyre the only in comics used effectively(thats a huge one)

    its easy to pick up and read for fun if you dont care that much.
    your writers and artists are noticably better than about 75% of those at the big 2 currently.

    the end of the turtles?
    HAH!GUARANTEE OF A THIRD ERA in two ways when for two years it was questionable.


  24. Thanks for all the wonderful years of Turtles. My children now grown enjoyed watching and reading all of your much appreciated hard work. I met you down at the NYCC this year. You were very kind and patient (I tried getting your picture and couldn't figure out how to work the camera) I was with my son now 24 he also has his BFA in graphic design and drawing. He Learned how to draw the Turtles at a very young age, it inspired him. And is a wonderful artist, because of it. So now I tell you Peter, enjoy, relax, and I hope that you find happiness in drawing again. You have made many people young and old very happy for many years. Now it's your turn.

  25. Dear Mr. Laird,

    No matter what opinions anyone has about this sale I want to thank you for giving the world so much joy and happiness with your creation. While I am sad to see the turtles out of your hands I understand why you sold them.

    As many people, especially those like myself who were born in the 80's, I was greatly influence by the turtles. Those characters and stories taught me life lessons and made me want to be a good person, which I believe has carried over into my adulthood. At this moment I am studying for my masters degree in character animation and a huge reason for my love of art and animation has come from your creation, the TMNT.

    As I continue to pursue my career I have but one dream that someday one of my creations will inspire and be loved by others as much as I have been inspired by and love the turtles.

    Good luck to you in whatever endeavors you venture to next.

    P.S. I will continue to be a die-hard turtle fan wherever they go from here.

    Thank you always,

    David McBride

  26. Like others have said, I feel really sad for the workers at Mirage. Not for you or Gary. I hope you and the artists get most of that 60 million and not Gary and the Lawyer.

    That being said, my guess is now you will fall in a rut, if you are anything like me. If you couldn't find the time to draw on even the little free time you had running the TMNT, why would now be any different? Other excuses will just manifest, and with no main active property, the artist will probably find other jobs leaving nothing left in it's wake knowing how things in the past where handled.

    There is no reason why Mirage still can't have a say. You could have handed off creative control to Murphy, or Jim, or someone with far more energy, while Viacom still made most of the business decisions. Mirage absolutely should still have SOME F'ing input into the franchise. To just sell it with those terms seems like an insult to the artists who spent so many man hours on it.

    At least that's how I see it. Your mileage may vary.

    That being said, Emily is a wise one indeed. I'm quite surprised we didn't see this the moment the deal was announced.

    And yes, it is a good thing the movie will get better distribution with Paramount, and possibly a more batman like approach considering their other franchises.

    Yes it's a good thing that someone with a fresh look will take on the franchise.

    Other than that, there are too many unknown valuables. Who will run it now creatively over at Nick? Will we see either series start airing soon? IF this effort fails to gain momentum, will they just shelf it for years until their 50th anniversary?

    And of course that leads to the main question. Why go through all the effort to at least try to have a 25th anniversary year, only to sell it all off at the end of the home stretch?

  27. .. . " What I am hoping, however, is that this little core group of creators sticks together, both as friends and collaborators. And I think that is certainly possible. "

    * *

    -->> .. i think allot of that statement is going to be imperative to many things, not just to the survival of the property.

  28. Mr. Laird,

    Although I'm as skeptical as the next fan about what direction the Turtles may head in, I applaud your decision.

    Better to let the turtles head in a direction as opposed to no direction -- and you have just as much right to feel burnout as the rest of the world.

    I whole-heartedly hope that this will eventually reinvigorate your enthusiam for Volume 4. I also believe that the fans will find a way to regulate the turtles and keep them of good quality, because, hey, we have the ratings and the purchasing power, and that's how the world works.

    And I also look forward to seeing whatever artistic ventures you'll have to show in the future.

    Michelle "Shell Presto" Prestileo

  29. i just want to say thank you and support your decision, nickelodeon has hundreds of successful series. good luck in your next endeavors.

  30. Some of the comments here make me sick. Peter's clearly needing to step back at his age and focus on what's IMPORTANT in life, and some of you under-twenty/under-thirty virgins are upset he gave the franchise something that, frankly, will keep them an active property INDEFINATLY.

    The comics have not defined TMNT for a long time, television and movies have. The comics are at best an indulgence. Yes, we should not forget where the TMNT came from, but they surpassed the point of origin and are better established in other forms.

    TMNT will be fine. As Pete implies, diversity can be a good thing, and it IS time fresh blood and fresh ideas were presented again to the franchise.

    Better or for worse, this is the fate of just about any popular brand of fiction. Grow up and deal with it.

  31. ...And Neil, you can piss right off you obnoxious dickhead. How DARE you come over here and troll that Peter will find "an excuse". I'd love to see you at 55 asshole. Let's see if YOU can be commital when presented with the challenges of age.

  32. I get one well said, and one I'm an asshole. Can't please everyone :).

    I never said Pete didn't deserve a break. Everyone does after all the planning he's done being the uber fan he is. I'm just saying that if he didn't find the time to do it in his free time then, what's to make him start now? People will think up any excuse not to do something they no longer find fun to do. Exercise, homework, etc. Maybe the fun has just gone out of it for him and he hasn't realised it yet... the sale of the turtles won't help that.

    Lets see what other immature names I get called next.

  33. -->> David, it's not so simple.

    NEIL you are not an asshole & remember our prior discussions regarding Armaggon and how you wanted me and others to handle him in months prior. Same deal goes with what's transpiring here.

  34. PL:: " I miss -- I really, really miss -- being that guy.


    -->> Well maybe a good side of this is that guy can return full force ..full of energy and renewed inspiration..

    cuz we miss him too.

    And we need him now more than ever.

    And we care about him too.. not just what he creates.

  35. Good point tokka. Forgot about that idiot. And that was the nicer response after I wrote out a 'blasting' one and deleted it :).

  36. I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't somewhat worried about the future of the TMNT. Reassurances come later and with time, trust and restoration follow. The new owners will have to prove themselves to me.

    I think most of the other points I wanted to make have already been covered by other commenters. I do agree however that $60M seemed low a figure, it's worth more than that imo.

    I hope that Volume 4 is finished, that Tales continues to be published monthly and the Donatello arc completes as per schedule. There has been no response yet from you Peter regarding that so until there is word, I won't unnecessarily worry about what-ifs. Only comment when the answers are revealed.

    I've been reading TMNT for over 20 years. I hope that continues into the future instead of dying a quiet death...

  37. hi peter
    this is just my little idea on the whole thing i think you did a good thing because the tmnt can now be something new i like the idea of a new show the 90s one was my childhood fave ,the newer show i realy enjoyed and i was older watching it and still wanted more,now that will happen i just hope they stay fatefull to the tmnt world and not change it to much ,the comics were the roots of everything the mirage archie all types of the comics i cared for and hope to read more in the future
    plus maybe you will have a chance to to other stories of other ideas not tmnt ,wish you well with everything peter ...turtles forever!!!!

  38. Pete, I totally understand why you sold the TMNT property. After the 200x series died down and the Vol 4 comics crawled to a halt, it was easy to see that the property was starting to wane.

    Truthfully, I'm eager to see what Nick does with the TMNT. I think TMNT was in dire need of a new outlook and Nick has the clout to really make it cool.

    I'm a bit concerned about the Mirage comics, though. What happens to the current issues of Tales? What about the original Mirage comics, do you still own them?

  39. Thanks for the post, Pete. There's certainly been an arc here -- the early issues of volume 4, and the early seasons of the 2003 cartoon, showed a real creative energy that I think slowly sapped away as the business end of the property began to overwhelm the artistic -- I imagine it's pretty similar to what happened during the original series.

    I've got plenty of questions, but I'm sure if you could give the answers you would have already.

    I'm hoping Tales continues for awhile yet, and I hope you can keep putting out the collections of the original series. But most of all, I hope you get back to doing what you love.

  40. Agen, I don't think that was polite at all man."You were an inspiration to me, but now you are nothing". That's cold.

    I mean, I totally get, and I figured that is why Pete sold the rights. Being burnt out is one thing.

    Well... I guess some of the concerns people, the fans have, Peter, for the tMNT's new owner Viacom, at least Nickolodeon giving the property a total disrespect.

    Now while I too, see the 'plus side' of Viacom owning the TMNT, I do also see the direct downsides, where-as Viacom, or Nickolodeon is heavily drawn like all corporations now, heavy profit.

    Also, after stories by Jeff Smith, and a few others, where Nickelodeon and others were in negotiations with Nick to do a film and or tv projects with them, it wasn't about staying true to the characters, but making money. I remember a story where Nickelodeon promised in Bone that it'd be a straight-up BONE-film, no cheesy pop songs by whatever artists. It doesn't fit for Bone. Half-way through pre-production they told Jeff that they need to sell more records for Britney and some other act they have on their recording side, and it's a heavy-pop-tune. Either would not fit, but Nickeloen was forcing him to add it in, so Jeff killed the deal (he had final say.)

    Also with just how corporations run, I mean Cartoon Network is generally being cut-down from cartoons for other entertainment that will give them ratings and thus money, and Nickelodeon and MTV do this as well.

    Also, lately with the comic, it has been a huge godsend for fans, that such a quality product of the tMNT still is released during the downtime between shows, movies, etc. Paramount doesn't, as far as I'm away, have a 'comic book division', and THIS bothers me. While I'm sure everyone at Mirage is very tired of dealing with the drawing of the fab four... it's disheartening we won't see art from Jim Lawson, etc. I mean corporations will, if they DO continue, not hire them or bring them back possibly. And what if the book doesn't sell well? Hasn't you and others mentioned that Tales of the TMNT has been barely breaking even? Corporations big as viacom sees that as a bottom line to cut away and bury.

    So, with that, TMNT becomes a lock-stock property sealed away in a vault if it doesn't meet the expectations of the 60 mil they paid, and THAT ... concerns me and others.

    My biggest question now is beyond the comics continuing, is 'did you think of not giving the rights away, but put someone else in charge @ Mirage, like Jim, Murphy, Dooney, etc, who would handle the property before deciding to sell?

  41. It seems to me that most of the people complaining here have never been offered tens of millions of dollars for their work.

  42. What will happen with neca deal? are they going to release more tmnt figures? HOPE SO!!!

  43. Peter, I can totally see where you're coming from. As an artist, working on the same project for awhile can cause serious burnout. I've been on projects that lasted 3 years and couldn't wait for the job to be over.

    You and Kevin Eastman truly made a dream come true, and that was super inspirational for us millions of aspiring cartoonists. Though people like myself are still toiling away, making ends meet by doing freelance stuff, we continue to hope to "make it big" one day and hold Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles up as our shining example... "If it happened to them, it can happen to us!"

    You and the other Mirage guys having blogs and responding to fans offered a rare opportunity to "peek behind the curtain." Sometimes, some of us wish we hadn't gotten such a good peek.

    When all is said and done, though, you and Kevin have an incredible legacy. It is impressive that this 25 year old property is still such a force that no less than Nickelodeon, second only to Disney in the world of children's entertainment, was that eager to stake their claim. Me and my fellow cartoonists can only hope to leave our mark in a similar manner.

    Congratulations and thanks!

  44. Peter,
    Having read your reasons, I don't blame you at all. Given the same opportunity after working on the same project for 25 years, I'm sure I'd have done the same thing myself. I hope the relief of both the responsibility of the project and... umm... any monetary worry for the rest of your life will allow you to create and have fun doing so again. I sure as hell would be able to have a lot more fun I wasn't stressing about paying the bills all the time. I think you made the right choice.

    That said, what I'm wondering about is the scope of the sale. What does and doesn't selling the TMNT include? Do they own the Mutanimals? I think what I'm asking is what DON'T they own?

  45. HemlockMan said... It seems to me that most of the people complaining here have never been offered tens of millions of dollars for their work.

    Thanks for qualifying your statement with "most," we multi-millionaires often get hurt feelings when we are lumped in with everyone else.

    Just kidding. I wish I got paid millions for wading through beauracracy!

    Whether the sum could have been higher probably wasn't a huge factor. Pete & co seem like very down to earth folks so 60 mill (even after taxes and splitting up) should be sufficient. Now, beyond personal expenses, 60 mill might not be enough to stop the proliferation of nuclear weapons... but I don't think Pete is thinking about taking on any such grand ideas solely by himself.

  46. Hi Peter—
    First I want to thank you for posting this, for speaking from the heart, and letting us see what led you to the decision to sell. It makes perfect sense to me that you would have reached a point where you need to reclaim yourself from the intensity of running this business all these years. I can completely understand you needing to let it all go, and not retain any “creative control” as some other writers here have suggested. Sometimes you really need to make a clean break. Sometimes our lives depend upon it.

    I think a lot of people are worried about what Viacom/Nickelodeon will do with the Turtles, but I’d like to remind everyone that we’ve seen all kinds of “takes” on the Turtles over the years, and some people have hated the things that other people have loved. If Nick’s intention is to do a cgi animated series it certainly sound like they want to invest some money and care into the TMNT, so I have some hopeful feelings around that.

    On the downside I will miss having the kind of “small-town” feeling that Mirage always nurtured with the fans. It’s been a really wonderful thing to know we could fire off an email or drop a note on a blog and get a real response from a real person who was intimately involved in the creative process.

    I also find some sad irony in the fact that the flagship of indie comic book publishing, the TMNT, is now a property of the very corporate world their creators rebelled against. But that’s all water under the bridge and a part of history now.

    Peter, I truly, truly hope you do fine “that guy” again. I’ve been right there myself. Take a breath, walk away, and reclaim yourself.

    We’ll all be fine.


  47. I would just like to say thanks for 25 great years of TMNT! Good luck with any future endeavors.

  48. Just wanted to say thanks for 25 years of hard work! You deserve the money and a chance to work on something new. Can't wait to see what comes next!

    I think the turtles are in pretty good hands with Nick. They're pretty good at knowing their demographics, so I can't really see the turtles going down hill at all.

  49. Peter, I'm embarrassed to say that yesterday I referred to you as a sell-out. I couldn't have been more wrong.

    I hope everything works out for you, and thanks for the 25 great years.

  50. Peter,
    Thank you so much for trying to explain this to us. It must be very difficult. As fans go I think it's safe to say we are passionate, it's something you ignited within us and we are all very lucky you did. As for the sale well if I'm honest I've really grumbled but it will not detract from the respect I have for you. You've done 25 years and it's been wonderful for me as a fan growing up tmnt. But you need to find that inner person and no one can deny you that.
    Tmnt isn't finished and it will endure another mutation.
    I do worry for the writers and illustrators but I will support them and mirage in their new ventures and hope that it's enough.
    Don't lose heart, find yourself and rest.
    Thank you. \|
    X x. (:( ])

  51. As fans go I think it's safe to say we are passionate, it's something you ignited within us and we are all very lucky you did.>>>>

    Agreed. Where it not for TMNT, He-Man, Thundercats and RGB, I would not be trying to create my own universes.

    This was just a decision that seemed to come out of the blue, and now that the initial, if you'll pardon the pun, shell shock, is over, we've had a full day to digest it.

  52. As fans go I think it's safe to say we are passionate, it's something you ignited within us and we are all very lucky you did.>>>>

    Agreed. Where it not for TMNT, He-Man, Thundercats and RGB, I would not be trying to create my own universes.

    This was just a decision that seemed to come out of the blue, and now that the initial, if you'll pardon the pun, shell shock, is over, we've had a full day to digest it.

  53. Wow...I didn´t know how much the sale implied...
    It´s very weird for me. I grew up with the Turtles, stuck to them and they were one of the first things that I learned how to draw. I believe that is the same for most of my generation of artists.
    I was really looking forward to getting to work on the turtles some day soon, but this really left me with my mind in blank...
    I really don´t know how to feel about the characters without any of the original creators in charge.
    They have taken a life of their own, and I really appreciated the way the franchise grew with the 2003 series.
    Nickelodeon has two ways to go. Avatar (incredible) or Spongebob Squarepants (which I can´t stand).
    I´m praying for the best.
    Still, I also know how it feels to miss a part of you before a certain artistic/working point in your life, and I wish you the best in your endeavors. Good luck.
    Pablo Praino, Uruguay

  54. Thanks for the years of work on the TMNT Peter and thanks for setting the record straight. I'll be excited to see where things go from here for both the TMNT and yourself. I hope you keep the blog around.

    - Newt

  55. As a Xeric recepient, I have to say bless you and thank you. You have helped my and a lot of other creators' dreams come true with your work.
    I am carrying my sketchbook around and drawing in it every chance I get and my life is pretty good. I hope this time and added security you will let you get back to the important thing.

  56. 56 COMMENTS??
    jesus christ!
    PL,man,post a "blast from the past"and end this madness!

  57. Tyrgermanic said...
    "post a "blast from the past"and end this madness!"

    That wont stop us from making questions...

  58. -->> ..i think this is important too, Nach.

  59. Peter,

    I've been a fan of the Turtles since the first issue of Volume 1. Thanks for all the great comics!

    Jim Lawson's Blog says that you retain the rights to do up to 18 issues of Turtles comics per year. Doesn't that mean that you can continue the Turtles Volume 4 and Tales of the Turtles Comics?


  60. Well, if someone doesn´t want to read all this posts, fine by me, if someone says this it madness, fine by me, but there are unanswered questions that we all want to know.

  61. -->>'re right , buddy.

    hope we all can hang tough as possible thru' this.

  62. And not that we have the right to know just because, is that we all love the turtles and would like to know what is going on.

    Anyway, thanks peter for these 25 years and thanks to those who have been involved in this great adventure.

  63. Wow, this has all just been really, really heavy, to borrow a term from Marty McFly.

    I'm sad to see things go this way, and I'm not sure what went on through your mind with all of this-- reasons why others at Mirage couldn't keep an eye on things while you pursued other endeavors-- but it sounds like you made the best decision you felt you could for the property, if you simply weren't into it as you once were.

    It's... strange. I'm not sure how I feel about Nickelodeon themselves holding the property, but I've heard good things about Avatar. And there are other properties which have changed hands and thrived. So I won't be a fatalist in viewing this.

    Even so... wow. It's like the end of an era. Actually, it really is the end of an era, isn't it?

    I'll be honest: I'm not so much worried about the property's future as I am its past, what this means for fans of the old cartoons, the comics, the other comics, the other cartoon, and all those things of that sort.

    There are a lot of good memories and a lot of good feelings from these past 25 years, and I hope that Nickelodeon does not allow those to simply be forgotten to the winds of time.

    Well, come what may, I wish you and everyone at Mirage the best of luck in your future endeavors; I'm sort of wondering what's next for Murphy and Berger myself (is Murph alright, btw? He hasn't updated his blog in forever).

    Oh, and props to Emily for prompting this post. :) We'd love to know more of whatever specifics behind the deal and the short term that you can offer.

    It's kind of funny: this year, Michael Jackson died, Patrick Swayze died, and Captain Lou died, three big parts of the 80's. But the Turtles now seem to have a new lease on life.

    Thanks for the memories; I'll always be a Turtles fan, in some form or another.

    --LBD "Nytetrayn"

  64. Pete,

    First off, I want to thank you for being a part of the creation of one of the best fictional entertainment properties available. I have throughly enjoyed the Turtles since the 80s cartoon. 2k3 is seriously my favorite cartoon of all-time and the first movie is easily one of the best comic book movies ever.

    With all of that being said, I can understand why you chose to give it up. You probably are craving to work on new stuff. As an artist, I'm sure you have been teeming with ideas for new projects but the Turtles took a lot, if not all your time. I wish you the best of luck on all your future properties that you put together.

    However, I really hope that Nickelodeon/MTV/Viacom doesn't take this IP and completely destroy it. I know many Marvel fans are worried that Disney will that to the Marvel characters but Disney has stated that (for now) they will let Marvel run itself. With TMNT, they have 100% complete control over it. They can do whatever to it. I just hope they handle it with care.

    I really hope they invite you to be some sort of consultant with TMNT 5 because it can't be a new TMNT movie without your involvement of some sort. And I hope you don't disappear from the Turtles forever. I'm sure they'll honor you and ask you to do something down the road with the property.

  65. I have a question Mr. Laird. Who owns the rights of the character of Aska from the 1993 Super Nintendo game TMNT: Tournament Fighters?

  66. im reading alot of crying
    and backseat driving.

    "i know what its like to own something worth 60 mill"

    "can you do givsies backsies with viacom?"

    "the end is near"

    questions and congrats are cool are deserved.
    25 years of keeping the high quality is amazing.

  67. eh,just dont let it bother you.

    what was the first episode of the
    2K3 series called?
    wasnt that weird like this?

  68. Peter– Thank you for giving us the Turtles. You will never know how much of an integral role they have played in my childhood, creativity, energy and ability to grow into the man i have become.

    Good luck in your future endeavors and know that at least this fan and i am sure every other fan out there will always keep our boys in green protected the way we remember them in our hearts.

    For that I will be forever in your debt and have nothing but sincerest gratitude. Thank you sir!

    * Quick side-note...on the plus side we may be seeing Nickelodeon getting some TMNT rides, merchandise and other goodies at the Mall of America here in Minnesota. Glass half full perspective i guess. Cheers!

  69. Peter,

    You are one of the greatest creative minds that the comic and art world has ever seen... After 25 years, most children leave the nest and move on.. I am glad that you will have time to yourself and to pursue whatever your heart desires.. As a Turtle fan, I want to thank you for all the love and creative energy that you have spent on your craft. I hope that the Mirage guys will stay close by. It is a great group of creative minds, mischief and mayhem that you have there.. Glad to hear that some TMNT comics will still be produced. Looking forward to what comes next.. and what new genius that sketch pad of yours can cook up..

  70. Hi Peter.

    Well, the great thing about owning what you create is that you are able to reap the rewards from what you have sown.

    If you look at what happened with the Shuster's and Siegle's and Ditko's of this world and contrast that to what happened with you and Kevin... well, let's just say that it's an inspiration to us artists who are concerned with Creator's Rights.

    Your success with the Turtles has certainly been inspirational.

    Now I hope you are able to free your time and energy to start being "that guy" again... because something tells me he never left.

    Have fun!


  71. Peter,

    Thank you for sharing your motivations behind the sale. I hope this does give you a chance to rekindle the creative fires. TMNT Volume Four is one of my all-time favorite comic series and I hope to see more comics with your name on them in the future, with or without the Turtles. The same goes for the rest of the crew at Mirage. If there does come a time when the studio isn't involved with the Turtles anymore I'll been keen to see whatever else you are producing.

    Sean Morton

  72. Few creators, writers, artists, etc stick with a series as long as you have, I look forward to a bold step in a new direction for both you and TMNT. The last thing I want to see is a George Lucas scale franchise fatigue that harms beloved characters.

    Honestly, even if Nickelodeon totally messes this up, you had a better run than anyone would've put odds on and you made a lot of people happy.

    But really the fact that you do want to go back to the drawing board is inspiring. With a defining creation under your belt and, I'm guessing, the financial freedom to not worry about going out to make another hit, you're ready to do anything.

    And you've got fans like us to watch.


  73. Well... what can I say guys... I feel totally weird right now.

    I didn't imagine something like this will ever happen. I was always wondering why Kevin Eastman abandoned the Turtles. I didn't imagine that Pete will leave them behind as well...

    Can you imagine George Lucas selling "Star Wars" for example?!

    That was the greatest thing about Mirage and TMNT - independency and creative control over your own brainchild!!

    Damn it, with all due respect, I really don't get it, why would you sell such a thing?! OK, if you're tired of it you can cast a team of creative people to go with it and you just supervise the whole process, meet once in a while with your team and discuss with them in what direction the Turtles should go...

    But SELLING THEM?! Damn it, I would never ever do such a thing, especially with the work of my life, because honestly - 25 years you devoted to this thing!! How would you feel if now they just take it and ruin it and you can do nothing about it? I know that some crap things have come out in the past, like Venus de Milo & Next Mutation misunderstandings, so maybe you sorta know the feeling...

    Now there's nothing left for us fans, except to hope that Nickleodeon will be up to the challenge not to disappoint us...

  74. Peter,

    Thank you for everything you've done by creating and guiding the TMNT characters and universe for so long. My brothers and I have very fond memories of the characters. What you and Kevin created was awesome. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    All the best in your future endeavors,

    David Gallaher

  75. Mr. Laird,
    I doubt that you have read this far into the comments section but what the hell, I'll say it any way. YOU ARE THE MAN. Thank you for everything. I would have loved for you to stick to TMNT forever... but that's selfish. I completely understand where you are in your life and I hope you find what ever it is you are looking for. That being said- Now get busy on the next issue of TMNT!! Just kidding!! I continue to follow your blog and all your future projects. I figure it is just not the TMNT property that we love, but it is YOUR creative style that keeps us hooked!!

    And all you A-Holes that are saying Peter is a sell out and got ripped off are going to feel pretty lame in about ten years.... when they finally grow up...

    Take Care Peter!! And Good Luck!!

  76. Man, I'm still slightly in shock over the whole thing.

    I actually had the pleasure to meet with you a couple of years ago Peter. At New York Comic Con. I remember telling you what a large part of my childhood the Turtles were and the fact that they still hold a special place in my heart.

    That's always going to be true.

    I must admit, I'm a little concerned about the comics though. I actually posed the question when I met you as to whether they were finally going to be collected, because I was hoping to experience the stuff the entire franchise was based on. As such, I'm pretty worried about whether the Collected Book volumes are going to continue. As far as the comics go, this is kind of a scary time for a long time Turtles fan. I wish Nick would say something about whether they plan to do anything with the comics side. I love trades of comics and I'm really dismayed at not knowing.

    That said, I understand why you let go. Twenty five years man. You gave half your life to this franchise, guarding it from the ill decisions and keeping it alive. To hell with anyone who tries to say anything negative; many people create things all the time, but to put twenty five years into your creation is something I'm not sure anyone else can lay claim to.

    You should be proud. You may have had to do the inevitable and let go, but you did right by it all this time. If nothing else, you have my respect. If I'm mad at anything to do with this, trust me, it isn't you.

    I just hope that the Turtles - in all forms including the comics - have even a relatively bright future without you.

    Damien Lockrow

  77. :) mr laird You have every right to do with your creation as you see fit. and to be honest while I can think of alot o other sutors and I can understand why you woudn't do it anymore and I can respect that. Best of luck in your future endevours.

  78. As someone that went from a young man reading the original TMNT comics, to a father watching my own children enjoying the cartoons and movies, I just want to say thank you for creating such a wonderful bunch of characters that have given me and my kids so much entertainment.

    I'm sure that TMNT became something bigger than you ever imagined it would. You probably never dreamed it would become so successful, but if so, you probably didn't imagine what that success might bring into your life - both good and bad.

    I can't pretend to understand what this decision meant for you, but I hope that it brings you happiness in the years to come.

    Go and find that kid with the sketchbook in his hand and get to know him all over again.


    -A fan.

  79. Thank's for all the great memories Pete. Your imagination has had a big impact on my life! Hope to see you back in the tmnt world someday down the line if life calls for it. Good luck in the future.

    -Johnny Di Francesco

  80. Peter,

    I want to say thank you for 25 years of TMNT. It's something I've grown up with and am really very shocked and saddened by this decision, but you need to do what's going to be best for you. I do hope that you keep the Tales series going and go back to conclude Vol. 4. Thank you so much for 25 years of amazing work, it has meant so much to me.

  81. Well I guess it's too late now, but this kind of sucks for a lot of reasons. The first of which is that only kids privileged enough to have cable will be able to experience TMNT on TV. I'm an old kid (24) who grew up with TMNT, but I don't have cable so I'll be forced to miss out on new shows. Secondly, the thought of a solely CGI weekly cartoon is enough to make me not so sad I'll be missing out. The movie wasn't bad (though had nothing on the first two) but CGI will never be able to hold a candle to the colorful animation that has made TMNT great from 1987 through 2009. This is a sad day for Turtle fans. Oh well, thanks for the memories.

  82. I'm sure it was a hard decision Peter. Thanks for all the TMNT memories, and, as I'm sure you will too, I look forward to seeing how the TMNT continue to evolve through the years. I hope amid all the negative buzz you realize that most of your fan base is appreciative of all the work you and Kevin did over the years. Hopefully the other positive comments here will echo my sentiment. I will always enjoy how great Mirage has been to it's fans. You guys have a created a very unique fan experience that few others have come close too, and as a fan, and a friend, I'm grateful for that community. Thanks again Peter, so very much the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and good luck to you on all of your future endeavors.

  83. We love you, Peter, and all the good work you've done over the years. Your characters brought me into comics and there's not enough gratitude in the world to thank you. Best of luck.

  84. Eh..shoulda sold me the rights to Raphael.

    teehee ^.^

  85. So, will we see the return of the Funatix! ?

  86. Congratulations on the sale and I hope it gives you some well deserved freedom. To the folks having trouble coming to terms: When a property's creator has given all he can, it's time to sell to an owner who can hopefully be a good steward. This also guarantees a monetary legacy for Peter's family and gives him a chance to once again be a creative force instead of carrying the weight of CEO of Turtles, Inc.

  87. anything that sets you free creatively is a good move. I also think that once you've exhausted yourself over the same thing for over 25 years then it's definitely time to go your own way. Nick is the best place for the Turtles and you made the right choice!

  88. "Matt said...
    So, will we see the return of the Funatix! ?"

    Haha! It's funny you should ask -- I've semi-jokingly brought it up a couple of times, and there is so far no interest in reviving the group. Too bad. -- PL

  89. Hey Peter! I just wanna say that I understand you. I'm 22 years old today. I has grown watching the cartoons, reading a little of the TMNT comics (they're really rare here in Brazil). I love the TMNT, they're very nice! I don't even know you, but throughout the years I've learned to love you, man! God bless you! God bless your future work!! I believe that God has an unique plan for your life!! Enjoy your life now, enjoy your family, enjoy your kids! It's time to take a rest! Don't forget that Jesus loves you so much! He died for you!
    Let him help you in this new time of your life!
    Yours sincerely,
    Edgard Franco

  90. Well Peter, I can understand what you mean by knowing when the party is over and when it's time to move onto other things.

    The only thing that I am perhaps sorry about is that the new owners are not very likely to take the Turtles back towards their roots, but more likely towards a more infantile, sanitized version. I for one was hoping someday we'd see a depiction of Michelangelo outside of the comics that does not completely portray him as an absolute mental deficient. Please correct me if I am too pessimistic on that, but I guess that with this change this will not come to be.

    Still, good luck on your new endeavors. Even if I do think you got stiffed with only 60 million... hey, it's still 60 million, and nobody will tell you you haven't earned them.

  91. Just to recap my beef... Mikey started up as a fun-loving turtle who loved to write and draw. His latest iteration is not in Special Ed because there are no schools in the sewers. I only fear they'll make him dumber and dumber, in the hands he's in now.

  92. Mr Laird,

    I've had many mixed emotions about this as soon as I heard of the deal. To be honest as a fan of the more mature audience I'm afraid we may end up seeing Nickelodeon create a more kid orientated series like the 1987 series. Although I do not see that to be a bad thing, its not something I see as all to great either.

    As a huge Fan of TMNT and you selling them off I felt a little sold out as a fan. But TMNT is your property and its your right to do so. To us fans its just a love affair with fictional characters we find emotional attachment to.

    I'd like to see what you have planned in due time for volume #40 if its completed. I really want to see a conclusion of the Turtles story from the Laird point of veiw. Which I feel is the only way it should be. I spoke with "Dan" of in my email I wrote the following:

    As a huge Ninja Turtle fan today and ever since I was a very young child I was shocked to hear the news when you guys sold the TMNT franchise to Viacom and Nickelodeon. I was born in 1991, during the very height of the Turtles popularity. My main question is: Will we continue to see the same gritty, sewer sprawling, pizza eating, ass kicking Ninja Turtles I've know for so long and come to love? The way in which Mirage intended them to be? When it comes to TMNT and as a fan I personally cannot fathom the idea of what the TMNT may become as they come under the wing a Viacom.

    It sends chills down my spine and makes me steam with Nerd Rage to think of a world in which TMNT is anything other than what Mirage has ever put out. I am aware that the TMNT has gone through many odd phases in their 25 year history. With everything from the first comics released in 1985 (The very essence and aura of TMNT that I think Nickelodeon may kill!) to the 1987 series all the way up to the newest Turtles Forever release. The Franchise has been passed around quite a bit though never being knocked from you guys until now. Being passed around so often created many odd incarnations of the Turtles. IE: The Image Comics, Archie, that odd Japanese Super Mutation thing. Luckily non of those things officially put a stake through the heart of the Turtles or made a lasting impression on the franchise.

    However I feel as if everything that Peter and Kevin ever did to make the Turtles what they are, what I came to love may as well just shrivel up and die. Please tell me this, is this the end of Comics, the slight vulgarity, the intense situations in the comics? Is this the end of Mirage? Is this the end of what TMNT truly is? Because it is you, Mirage Studios you are the life blood and soul of the TMNT and to see you sell them off to some giant like Viacom/Nickelodeon is just a huge heart breaker for countless fans like myself. I do not want to see the TMNT other than what the TMNT are. THAT IS YOU MIRAGE!

    Let us hope Nickelodeon cannot do any damage.

    Now that I have your opinion on the matter of TMNT's new owners I feel a hell of a lot better knowing that you knew better in mind, heart and gut.

    Thank You, Mr Laird.

  93. I just found out about this news. I was out of comics for the past 4 months and just found out and I am in shock to hear Nick is taking over. Honestly I don't know what the future will hold for TMNT or if there will even be a bright future for the franchise. I think about how Nick screwed John Kricfalusi back in the 90s with Ren & Stimpy. The man who created the most watched animated cartoon on cable tv in the early 90s and hired and trained the animators was fired by Nickelodean and the show suffered afterwards and John eventually fought for years to get back rights after Nick canned the show. He eventually brought it back to Spike TV and later DVD. I wonder if the same thing can happen with TMNT if it doesn't bring in the dollars they are looking for. I just can't understand why at 55 you say you have no energy left to do this. I mean people like Stan Lee would have fought tooth and nail at their age today if Marvel decided to not recognize them for their efforts. I saw you at Heroes Con a few years ago and you seemed like you really were invested in the Turtles. Of all the booths there I could tell you guys were really having fun and that even though you were big in the industry you still had some control. Now what happens? 60 million doesn't really go a long way today. I hope the money lasts. At least we still have Todd McFarlane and Spawn.

  94. "Ray said...
    I just found out about this news. I was out of comics for the past 4 months and just found out and I am in shock to hear Nick is taking over. Honestly I don't know what the future will hold for TMNT or if there will even be a bright future for the franchise. I think about how Nick screwed John Kricfalusi back in the 90s with Ren & Stimpy. The man who created the most watched animated cartoon on cable tv in the early 90s and hired and trained the animators was fired by Nickelodean and the show suffered afterwards and John eventually fought for years to get back rights after Nick canned the show. He eventually brought it back to Spike TV and later DVD. I wonder if the same thing can happen with TMNT if it doesn't bring in the dollars they are looking for."

    Comparing TMNT to "Ren and Stimpy" is like comparing apples to oranges -- it's just not the same thing, or the same situation. I can honestly say that at this point in time I have no desire to reclaim ownership of the TMNT, even if it were possible.

    "I just can't understand why at 55 you say you have no energy left to do this."

    It may be that for some people it really is impossible to comprehend. That's unfortunate.

    "I mean people like Stan Lee would have fought tooth and nail at their age today if Marvel decided to not recognize them for their efforts."

    I'm not sure I see the connection. Again, apples and oranges. -- PL

  95. Im currently going to school to become a highschool art teacher, but one of my dreams has always been to publish a comic book (just one would make me happy!). I was just doing research on what is involved in develping a comic book and stumbled across your blog and came across the fact that you're selling the rights of TMNT to Nick.

    Considering I havn't held the same job for more than 5 years, doing the same work on the same original property for twenty five years blows my mind. Enjoy your new freedom!

    Go be that guy again! I can't wait to see what he creates next!

    From looking at your blog a bit the last few hours, I'd say you are by far an artist first, and co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles second. that guy's still there. Now he'll have a chance to come back.

    I read some of your other posts on the topic of 'the sale' and I find other people's comments about it to be strange at best, rude and crule at worst.

    I feel since it's your property you can sell it if you want to, because you own it and you can sell it if you want to, especialy after 25 years (Quarter of a century! Just think how much the world has changed since the creation of the teenage mutant ninja turtles to today!).

    The people saying selling for 60 million was ripping yourself off . . . I gotta wonder what there pay check is. I could be very happy with 60 million, even if it was a supposed 'rip off' deal.

    I'll be checking up on your blog in the future. Whatever happens, it's nice to see someone doing what they want. Too many people do what society and everyone else wants them to do.

    Also, you're an inspiration to an entier generation of artists out there.

    Just always wanted to say that last part to you ever since I was a kid back in 1988.

  96. Thank you Pete for the many years of TMNT that means more to use "big kids" than you will ever know. I specifically remember many moments in my younger years where I had to choose from right or wrong... the TMNT helped me. As silly as it may sound to some (but most of you know what I mean)... Turtle Power meant more than just a comic/toy/cartoon... it really helped teach us kids about honor and for me, kept me out of alot of trouble that you couldn't begin to imagine. Thank you so very much.

  97. Yeah... also forgot to mention that my artwork all started out from drawing Ninja turtles. To this day... people find me sketching turtles on notebooks and sticky notes. It's crazy, and I'm really not a TMNT freak like some. I just stumbled across this and felt that you deserved to know that you helped inspire an entire generation. Thanks again.