Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ask PL #5

I haven't done one of these in a while, and it seems like an appropriate moment to do so. -- PL


  1. Hey Peter,

    I read a news story over at bleeding cool stating that viacom (nickelodeon/mtv) has bought the rights to the turtles. Is this just the movie rights or did they get the rights to everything? Or is this just a rumor?

    Here's the link:

  2. anything new you can tell us about the upcoming movie? :D

  3. More questions.

    What are the plans for Turtles Forever now that the Fathom deal fell through?

    Can you share why the Fathom deal fell through?

    Who decided which characters appeared in TMNT Smash Up? I really missed seeing the Archie comic's characters in the game. It would have been nice to see the Mutanimals.

    Speaking of the Mutanimals, I always felt they had a lot of potential but fell short. Have you thought about giving them a second chance through a relaunch of some sort?

    thanks for your time.

  4. Hey Pete! Outside the obvious (what can you tell us about the next installment of TMNT?), I would love to know if, at the height of Volume 1's success, were you or Kevin ever approached by a larger publisher to sign on with them?

  5. When is volume 4 number 31 coming out?

  6. Good morning, Mr. Laird!

    I'm sure any question here will have to be asked within the context of the new Nick deal, but may I ask: Can you speak anything to the Forever War comic(s) that may give us any kind of update on the project? I bought the Future Tense TPB, and it was awesome to re-read those really well-done Archie issues. Since time may be running short (or not?) in light of the new Nick deal, can you give us some hope that the Forever War will see print?

    Thanks and congrats on your ventures!

  7. "al said...
    Hey Peter,

    I read a news story over at bleeding cool stating that viacom (nickelodeon/mtv) has bought the rights to the turtles. Is this just the movie rights or did they get the rights to everything? Or is this just a rumor?"

    It's not a rumor -- they now own the TMNT. -- PL

  8. " punx83 said...
    anything new you can tell us about the upcoming movie? :D"

    Sorry, no. Except that I will have nothing to do with it, unless they ask for my input. -- PL

  9. "Dripgutz said...
    When is volume 4 number 31 coming out?"

    I don't know for sure. -- PL

  10. "Chris said...
    Hey Pete! Outside the obvious (what can you tell us about the next installment of TMNT?), I would love to know if, at the height of Volume 1's success, were you or Kevin ever approached by a larger publisher to sign on with them?"

    Not really. There was a possibility back around 1985 or so that Marvel's Epic line might publish the TMNT, but that went nowhere. We did get to meet Archie Goodwin, though, which was nice. -- PL

  11. With the Paramount/Nick purchasing of the TMNT license does this effect the live action movie that Legendary Pictures was working on?

  12. PL,

    I know a massive amount of fanboys had somewhat questionable opinions of the earlier Disney/Marvel thing, and I'm sure quite a few upon hearing more about this one, will have similar views. But do you have a particular opinion on it in general, or you're not really for or against it?

  13. Hi Peter,

    I'm sure you'll be getting this question a lot in the next few days, but does the Viacom deal have any effect on the comics? Will we still be getting monthly Tales and the Volume 4 comics from Mirage?

  14. Hi Peter,

    You may have answered these questions before; I'm not sure...

    1) Which type of Turtles do you like to draw? The cartoon based version or the "regular" Turtles from the comics?

    2) At this stage of your career/life, would you ever consider coming back to drawing a book full time?

    3) If you could go back in time and change some things about the Turtles properties (comics, movies, TV, etc.), what would it be and why?

    I think that is all I have for at the moment!

    Thanks for doing these Q/A sesions!


  15. How will this sale affect the publishing of the Mirage TMNT Collected Volume trades that are just starting to come out?

  16. Well you were right about this being an appropriate moment to have a Q&A! :-)

    This isn't so much a question...more like a "just for the record".

    Even though I have an enormous amount of mixed feelings about this deal at the moment, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that you have been one of the single biggest influences and inspirations on my artistic career thus far. I will always take pride in knowing that the first large scale published illustration work I had was in Tales. And congratulations to you on 25 very successful years, if this how the property leaves your possession I think you've done a really excellent job keeping it alive for all us fans, especially in the 2000s era relaunch.

    Thank you for everything, Peter!

    PS: Please don't stop updating your blog, it's my top bookmark!

  17. Wow, I'm shocked.

    @ PL:

    What was the driving reason behind selling the Ninja turtles?

    What happens to Mirage and it's current employees?

    What will you do now?

  18. What prompted the sale of the TMNT to Nick? It seemed like not that long ago you had expressed some renewed interest in the property and I think in one of these previous Q&As you had mentioned you weren't sure what the future was for your and the TMNT. Obviously this Nick deal has been in the works for a while, can you shed any light on what brought about this decision and why you felt now was the right time and what made you think Nick was the right place?

    Thanks for the years of hard work on the property.

  19. Hi Peter,

    I had the pleasure of meeting you and the Mirage crew a couple years ago at the Free Comic Book day events at "That's Entertainment" in Worcester. I'm not going to lie here, the news here does put a damper on the franchise for me here.

    If I could ask one question it would be what do you believe was the greatest accomplishment you have done with the franchise? In terms of a single book, series/episode, or even personal event related to the property somehow.

    Thanks, I hope we still hear from you in the future.

  20. You sold Mirage???

    *can't grasp it yet*

  21. Hey, Pete,

    I'm trying not to get too up in arms about the sale to Nick and Viacom, but I am, as I'm sure you understand a bit worried. What does this mean for Mirage as a publisher and a comic book company? Will we continue to see Tales of the TMNT or Volume 4 published as more adult-oriented stories? Will there be a possibility of new comic books down the line?

    Is there any way we can know if the movie in the works will still be a more faithful adaptation of the comics in terms of tone?

    I'm sure you can understand fans having a lot of questions.

  22. How does this story, which seems to come out of left field, effect any upcoming comic books, Tales of the TMNT and the forth-coming TMNT vol 4? I hope not to pry but what was the personal reasons and feelings towards the boys in green behind this?

    How does this effect Mirage handling TMNT stuff in the future?

    I hope you can address some of these questions that I and other fans are asking. while I may not of always agreed with your decisions for the characters, I did respect that you kept the TMNT in-house, you retained the rights, and kept in semi-home-grown best you could, it terrifies me the TMNT back in a corporate atmosphere more than what Mirage was, so hence my concern.

  23. IF the new series uses classic characters, maybe they would have an interest in buying my CGI models? :)

    Sorry, trying to find SOME positive thing to come out of this very confusing and instant news.

    At least now we know why the Fathom deal fell through. Does this mean Paramount will release it on a wider scale and we will NOT see it on 4kids TV till much later? Is it just me, or did they pull all mention of the movie airing on 4kids after the top ten? Can't remember

  24. Very good of you to put this up.

    I'll come right out with it, then: Why sell, and why now? Why not hand it off to the other Mirage crew, or even just keep it in the family? Barring that, why sell *entirely*?

    Are there any safeguards or caveats in place to ensure quality control of the TMNT at Nickelodeon/Viacom, or is it pretty much just, "Here it is, do whatever you want with it"?

    - Andrew

  25. Peter,

    It's not clear if congratulations are in order for the nickeloden/mtv deal. In a sense I'm glad that another larger commercial entity is interested in preserving/furthering TMNT, but a bit disappointed that it sounds like you'll be stepping away...

    1) What does this mean in terms of your life (not asking about$$$), but creative focus and such. Will you continue this inspiring blog?

    2) How does this affect the comic book and neca action figures?

    3) Maybe we'll finally see a "The Real World : Sewers of Northampton (aka Living the Life of a Ninja Turtle", jk.

  26. "Splinter's Iroonna said...
    You sold Mirage???

    *can't grasp it yet*"

    No, I didn't sell Mirage. I sold the TMNT property. -- PL

  27. Hey Pete,

    Cap Blackard from Nerdy Show and A Comic Shop here.

    The TMNT is massively important to me. There's nothing in this world that I'm more of a fan of- Particularly the Mirage and Archie comics.

    I presume that an official statement on the state of Mirage is on its way, but now that the Nick news has dropped, I've got to ask the #1 nagging question on my mind:

    What is going to happen to the Mirage "family" of creators, and will Mirage continue to publish TMNT comics?

    It's my sincere hope that the Mirage universe will continue to exist and that at the very least volume 4 (which I have loved throughout) will get the chance to come to a close.

    Always the best,


  28. In lieu of the your most recent post, I'd also like to ask:

    Is this a new age for Mirage? Will you continue publishing new (non-TMNT) material?

    - Cap

  29. I'd also like to add that this has not made me lose respect cos of the decision, i'd just like to know the reasoning behind it as I'm sure it's a simple and reasonable one. lol I hope that my initial post did not come off disrespectful.


  30. I imagine that at this point you can't say much about the sale. But I am curious about what this will mean for the toy line.

    Does Playmates' contract continue under the new ownership?

    And how long is Playmates contract still good for?

    (i've wondered 17 long years..)

    who wrote the A++ splinter/rat king arc in city at war?
    jim lawson?

    how was your day and mirage's day today,pete?

  32. So how will Viacom now owning the TMNT affect the comics and upcomming movie?

  33. Not sure how to feel about this deal(like i did with Marvel/Disney) since we don't exactly have all the facts. And i have just two questions;

    Will Mirage continue to publish the TMNT comics? That seems to be the number one concern, and for me it is too.

    What does this do for Turtles Forever? Will this never be seen now, or is it possible for 4Kids to still air it on one of their Saturday morning blocks?

    Sincerely, Nate.

  34. -->> ..straight forward.

    ..Do you have confidence with what has transpired and faith with the dealings and what was announced today ?!

  35. I am upset about this, VERY upset and VERY worried. does this mean no more TMNT comics? does this mean that the new movie is going to be for 5 year olds? and what about Turtles Forever?

  36. I noticed the store has been removed from NinjaTurtles.com (as well as the links to the blogs).

    Are we no longer going to be able to buy back issues and collections directly from Mirage?

    How are we supposed to buy new issues of Vol. 4 when they come out?

    Are new issues coming out?

    Also, have you retained any rights to the property at all (such as publishing)?

    What is the future of the collected books?

    What is the status of "The Forever War" ?

    Finally, are the current Mirage TMNT books ending and, if so, when?

    Sorry for having so many questions.

  37. What brought you guys to the decision to sell the TMNT?

  38. Hi Peter--
    In one way I can't say I'm too surprised because you have intimated here and there that you've been feeling kinda burnt out. In another way, on the heels of the 25th Anniversary and plans for the new movie, I also feel kind of blind-sided by this news.

    Can you tell us when this decision was reached and how long everyone at Mirage has known about it?

    Also, I'm guessing that this is the end of Mirage publishing any further Turtle comics, am I right?

    Thank you for answering everyones questions here.


  39. Hey Pete, are you going to finish volume 4?

    Or I guess I should phrase it as...please finish volume 4! :-)


  40. Wow. I'm literally floored here. Most of my questions have already been asked and I'm sure Peter can foresee them all. I simply hope when you have time you're able to make a lengthy formal announcement to fill everyone in on what to expect and what not to expect.

    I certainly hope this means the Mirage series comics will continue and that the TMNT will be handled in a respectful manner, utilizing the direction the property has been going over recent years with the 2K3 series and cgi movie (in relation to it being more in-line with the Mirage-based cannon). I hate that you're not going to be involved, Peter. And if MTV has anything whatsoever to do with any of it, I'm going to scream my everloving head off...haha

    Best wishes, sir. And thank you for discussing this with us. Please continue with the blog and let us know whats going on.


  41. Will there be anymore reprints?

    Will you (or any other veterans of the TMNT franchise) be involved with the new movie and new TV series?

    Will Turtles Forever be released by Paramount?

  42. Huge fan, by the way, just thought I'd point that out.

    I have a few questions:

    1. Will Mirage still be able to put out TMNT comics, or will you have to get a license from Nick to do so?

    2. Does the deal include 4Kids' library of TMNT series, or will they remain with 4Kids?

    3. Did you guys approach Nickelodeon or was it vice-versa?

    4. While I believe the franchise will be in capable hands, what's next for Mirage? What will you guys do to end the comic book side of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  43. Is this the end of the TMNT as we know them?

    Meaning, do you have any idea if Viacom/Nick think of the property as more of a comedy along the lines of the '80s cartoon, and will pursue that direction as opposed to tone of the comics and 2003 animated series (in which you had direct involvement)?

    Do you think all TMNT projects going forward will be geared exclusively towards children?

    What is the future of the comics, if there is one?

    Are you officially done with the TMNT entirely, and if so what will you do next?

  44. hello mr peter laird,

    im one of the old fans, ive been with you since the begining, the news of the deal sounds great for the kids and the next few years of the tmnt at least, i do hope you continue to publish your comics as have enjoyed them all since i was a small child.

    i have waited for those fifteen years to read the forever war and do so hope it sees the light of day sometime.

    i trust you know what you are doing and i just wanted to say that i love the TMNT and i have loved reading your funny books and hope that this isnt the end.

    thank you again.

  45. Hi Pete, I just heard of the deal on facebook and im not sure how i feal about it. I guess the world is changing and the things that you love growing up often change or evolve over time. Not sure what will happen to the turtles but i am sure that I will support them no matter what. However, i do have a few questions if im not too late...

    1- what happens to mirage studios, will they still product the comics and have control over the turtles or is it like "if they ask then you will help." kinda deal.

    2- what happens to you now, are you walking away from the turtles and starting another creative project that you want to pursue?

    3- and finally, is there anything that you want preserved about our turtles or anything "set in stone" like the 10 commandments that Nick cant mess and follow with about them?

    thank you sooo much for your time and I wish you and EVERYONE in mirage the best of luck in andy endeavors that you guys do. Viva le tortugas! -Mauro

  46. According to the article at


    Nickelodeon has the global property right to the television, film, and video game property.

    Does this mean that you still have the comic book rights or did they just leave that out?

  47. My only question is:

    Can we have any kind of update on what's going on with the Forever War?

    I have been so looking forward to it.

  48. I'd like to know the status of the various fan projects, especially the ones that have had input from Mirage such as the documentary and some various Go Green Machine things (like the book). Viacom is notorious for "unleashing the hounds", so to speak, and I'd hate to see all of the hard work put in by so many people get turned into veritable fecal matter.

  49. Ditto to Peter's question :-)

  50. Hi again Peter,

    I hope you're still answering questions and I realize many have been fielded since I asked my own, but this one hits pretty close to my heart.

    I saw some people asking about Forever War. I assumed it was still coming out in November. But then I checked the Future Books page. Then I checked with Diamond. No dice.

    I realize that in all likelihood a decision has been made as to whether or not it is going t be be released. And I also understand that the comics sales haven't amounted to anything on the finances scale of things...

    Will Murphy and Allan's finale be released?

    If there's any amount of closure I'd need with the (speculative) end of TMNT comics it's that. If volume 4 doesn't continue (and I hope it will get to someday) I can always assume that the adventures continued, but Forever War... well, we've been waiting for it or so long. I need that one, Pete. Some assurance would be great.

    The comic shop I work with, A Comic Shop (http://acomicshop.com), ordered two whole boxes of the Collected TMNT and we've sold out, we we wanted to re-order there were none left in stock. Future Tense has been selling really well also and we're almost out of them, Turtles graphic novels sell. It's my hope that some way, some how they'll be in print beyond this juncture.

  51. Thanks for answering my question (almost verbatim ;) ) in your most recent blog post.

    I appreciate your candid honesty and everything you said made a lot of sense.

    Here's to endings and new beginnings!

    PS - Do you still own Fugitoid?

  52. I have a question Mr. Laird. Who owns the rights of the character of Aska from the 1993 Super Nintendo game TMNT: Tournament Fighters?

  53. "Anticbtis7 said...
    I have a question Mr. Laird. Who owns the rights of the character of Aska from the 1993 Super Nintendo game TMNT: Tournament Fighters?"

    Sorry, but I have no idea. -- PL

  54. "Newton Gimmick said...
    Thanks for answering my question (almost verbatim ;) ) in your most recent blog post.

    I appreciate your candid honesty and everything you said made a lot of sense.

    Here's to endings and new beginnings!"

    Thank you for those kind wishes.

    "PS - Do you still own Fugitoid?"

    Nope! Good ol' Professor Honeycutt's story was too deeply entwined with that of the Turtles, so he was part of the deal. I will miss him.

    However, on a happy note, I just got a box of twenty-two vacuum-metalized 'Toid figures from Playmates. Yahoo! -- PL