Tuesday, September 29, 2009

TMNT 25th Anniversary "Party Bus"

We had a treat yesterday -- the TMNT 25th Anniversary "Party Bus" stopped by Mirage on its way back to the garage from which it originated. This was the first time I had actually seen it up close, and it was pretty cool. The dressing of the bus to make it look like the "party wagon" from the original tv series and toyline was quite well done. Here's a photo I took of the bus parked near the office.

Everyone who was at Mirage that morning either working or visiting came outside to check out the bus. From left to right: me, Mike, Rick, Kendall, Katie, the guy who played Michelangelo at the tour stops, Gary, Dan, the driver of the bus, Dave, and Jim. -- PL


  1. Great Photo Pete! It was lucky that we had such a beautiful day :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. -->> Publicity gonna commend KICKING COW :: Aaron( your Michelangelo guy ) and Mike your BUS leader & driver .

    Their hard work and dedication is amazing. And despite hell or high water, or whatever good or bad came their way .. they held tight and brave the crowds insuring a fun TMNT time for everyone no matter what !!

    They should get medals. All the TMNT 25 crew !! An insane tour and one of the most memorable experiences i've ever had.

    Peppercom and Kicking Cow really just - - god ..

    the coolest people in the world !!

    Again.. thank you Mike and thank you Aaron !! !!

  3. This is so cool. It must be great to see one of your creations come to live in such a grand way.

    Did you get to drive it around?

  4. "David McBride said...
    This is so cool. It must be great to see one of your creations come to live in such a grand way.

    Did you get to drive it around?"

    Sadly, no. -- PL

  5. I do not know what it is... but I really like this picture. You guys all deserve the happiness that is evident in this photo. Well done to you all and thanks for all the hard work!!
    ...more pics from around the office would be very cool to see!

  6. I too agree that Mike and Aaron did a GREAT job on this trip! They really did pull through and made the tour one wonderful adventure!


  7. Don't even get me started on how depressed I am missing the tour of that bus. I only saw the outside of it during SDCC and then had to run off to a panel I was very late for. I made a promise to go back and see the inside, but never got the chance. Someone decided to commit suicide by jumping off the building close to where the bus was parked. Due to this, the bus was moved and I never saw it again. The idea that I'll never get to see the inside saddens me greatly. :(

  8. Thanks, tOkKa. Maybe if the bus ever comes around my area, I might have the chance. Who knows?

    Haha, my word verification is 'busnesse' We're discussing business with the bus! ;)

  9. So that's the illustrious Ms. Katie!! :D I always enjoyed chatting with her when I would make an order. Tell her "Rob in Alabama" says hi and I'll be ordering soon to catch up!

  10. Yeah I wanted to take that bus home with me. I'm qualified to drive it! lol!!

    They did a neat job with it.

    What happens now the tour is over? The bus should be preserved.

  11. oh yeah i thought it was cool that the bus was previously a prisoner transport, sort of fitting when the TMNT fight criminals.

    Brin - doubt it'll be back here, it's a Thomas...it made it here once, I'd be surprised it'll make it again.