Saturday, October 17, 2009

Into the archives

Last week, my wife and I had a treat -- our daughter Emily came home for a short visit. Em and I managed to find time to eat dinner at her favorite restaurant, Bertucci's, and go to see the movie "Zombieland", which was pretty funny.

But Em also wanted to go out to my old studio -- or more specifically, to the storage space under the studio -- to look for some select vintage TMNT swag with which to decorate her cubicle at Playmates. We spent about an hour going through boxes of old stuff, some of it organized (all of those white boxes on the shelves in this photo have labels saying what is inside each one -- part of an organizing project started -- with Em's help -- about eight years ago and never finished)...

... and a lot of it not, as in the stacks of old Playmates shipping cartons behind Em in this photo of her with a couple of plush Turtles.

She eventually found enough interesting things to fill a few shopping bags. Before we left, I amused her by pointing out my stacks of old motorcycle magazines -- some of which I have saved from my high school days.

I'm such a pack rat. One of these days, I've got to go through all this stuff and do a serious winnowing. -- PL


  1. I wish I could go into my father's storage areas and just pick out cool stuff such as this heh. He is rather like that in hoarding items... just yours' is on a slightly bigger scale Peter!

  2. The treasures inside those boxes!!

  3. Your daughter really looks like you, Peter. She has your same eyes.

  4. Cool beans Pete! May I ask what Em's job at Playmates will be? That's pretty cool to see a part of the Turtle family joining the company that helped spread them around the globe to millions!

  5. This is great. I'd love to have a storage of old turtle stuff. It must be really nostalgic to see how far the turtles have grown from the beginning.

    What is that large green turtle box in the second picture behind your daughter?

  6. if ya clean it youll probably find a drifter whos been there since '93...

    ...surving off turtle shaped cookies.

  7. "David McBride said...
    This is great. I'd love to have a storage of old turtle stuff. It must be really nostalgic to see how far the turtles have grown from the beginning.

    What is that large green turtle box in the second picture behind your daughter?"

    I believe it is some kind of skateboard or scooter. -- PL

  8. -->> Dang , Pete even has some "Next Mutation " gear !!

    Noe i really am surprised !!

    Again Good luck , Emily !! !!

  9. -->> Rob, i think Emily is working in public relations.

  10. Great story! Just wanted to let you know I spread the Bertucci's love a little after reading this while shopping. I remember when they opened a Bertucci's in Amherst when I was in junior high, I love that place too! The bread is so good and the pizza sauce/cheese is just right.

    So I read this post earlier today while shopping at a Benetton store in Santa Monica, CA. While waiting for my GF a sales clerk came up and asked me if I went to UMass Amherst (wearing a cap) and we started chatting. She just moved from the East Coast and her former BF was from there. Long story short the only comment I had to say was, "well it's a lot warmer here but they don't have Bertuccis" And she busted out with "OMG, I love Bertuccis". I had to check to make sure it wasn't your daughter!

  11. Pete, I found this link and while the website gives some info, do you remember any thoughts on this link regarding NASA and the TMNT?

  12. -->> CRAP, Nick, that's Craig Farley's Work !! !!

    ( i think )

  13. rafello?
    and no michelangelo on the patch.

    NASA isnt cool with mikey i guess.

    i think its AC Farley's too.
    reminds me of that issue where chet met raph.

  14. oh! Rafaello... odd, but cool. Anyone know if those are still available? I have a friend at JPL that got me those Daffy Duck/Marvin the Martian patches, stickers and shirts a few years ago. I'll have to see if they can get the Ninja Turtle! I know the Daffy/Marvin were officially licensed products.

  15. Dang it, Peter. Now *THAT'S* a stash I'd *LOVE* to organize! ;) But that's the fangirl!geek in me :D

    Winnowing? Dang, I had to pull out the dictionary for that one! :) Thanks for widening my vocab today, Peter! (It *DID* mean what I thought it meant though)

    If you ever do thin out that herd of stuff, you know a lot of us out here would be glad to gather up any cast off flotsam & jetsam! :D

    Here's a BETTER link to some information about NASA and the TMNT :)

    I believe the aformentioned mission-badge Logo is about the 3 MPLMs named Leonardo, Raffaello, & Donatello. They are basically modules that are designed so that they can be used for a lot of things, but right now they are mainly used for hauling stuff back and forth between earth and the international space station.

    Since the art does look like it was drawn by AC Farley, and Mirage owns the rights for the badge. I'd LOVE to have a repro of THAT badge. Just thinking about it makes the science geek!girl in me tingle :)

  16. Oh God, so many toys! movie star tmnts, pizza tossin' tmnts, casey jones', joe eyeballs n muckmen...

    my pants, I must go change.

  17. congrats on figuring out how to get these pictures from facebook, dad!