Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Blast from the Past #242: Cover pencils from "Archie TMNT Adventures" #32

This is the cover to issue #32 of the "TMNT Adventures" comic published by Archie Comics. I drew it in 1991.

When I was getting this image ready to post, I was thinking that the very clean pencils probably meant that I had "cyberinked" it for publication. But when I searched online to make sure that I had the correct issue number, I discovered that Dan Berger was also credited for the cover art. I'm not sure if this means he inked it, or colored it, or added stuff to it (I think I saw a tattoo or two on the sumo wrestler Tattoo in the printed cover that I didn't have in the pencils). Maybe Dan will see this post and provide some clarity. -- PL


  1. This is awesome!!! Poor Don he's in a bad spot there.

  2. hi peter ,this one is realy like i bet it was fun to mix things up by drawing your mirage turtles then the archie ones over the times , i always like looking at your pencilwork have you ever worked in oil paint?

  3. -->> Tattoo is incredibly reminiscent of his toy version here.

    I wonder if that was used for direct reference for his appearance on the cover here.

    They totally messed him up, so foolishly on the toon. What a fuggin waste that was !! !! One of the true qualms about the old show . Similar how they wasted the effort to put Man Ray into the show.

    The penultimate and right version of Tattoo is his TMNTA version.