Thursday, October 29, 2009

Blast from the Past #246: Leonardo pinup drawing

Here's another pinup drawing from back in 1987 -- the year all the craziness started. One thing that's curious about this drawing is that I didn't draw the ends of both of Leo's swords, something I rarely did. I think it was probably down to poor planning on my part and the size of the paper I was drawing on. -- PL


  1. I wouldn't have noticed it. The drawing of Leonardo is so well done it doesn't matter. Awesome stuff,Mr. Laird!

    Funny thing is I never get used to the tail of the turtles.

  2. Something I always thought was cool about the comics was how you could really see their muscles. They always looked like they were strong enough to be doing all the stuff that they did. Awesome drawing :)

  3. Nice pin-up! I'd definitely put it on my wall.

  4. Does anyone know if there are any famous works of art that were later revealed to have been improperly "planned/framed"?

  5. i like the inking/lighting on 'im.

    Josh said...
    "Nice pin-up! I'd definitely put it on my wall."
    me too,thatd be so cool if mirage ever made posters.