Saturday, February 7, 2009

NYCC: Day Two

We had another long, tiring, and productive day at the NYCC. Many items were signed, hands shaken, and sketches sketched. We met and talked with a lot of fans, old and new, including Vaughn Michael, frequent TMNT forum and bog commenter... nice guy.

I think I did four or five different video or audio interviews, three of them in the space of about fifteen minutes! That was kind of intense.

My brother Bruce -- the original #1 Turtle fan -- came to the show today, the first time he has been to a large comic convention. It was an eye-opening experience for him! But I think he had fun, sitting with us at our tables. I even convinced him to try his hand at doing Turtle head sketches, and he sold two of them! (Bruce is no stranger to drawing Turtles -- over the years, he has sent me something in the neighborhood of a hundred postcards and greeting cards decorated with his original drawings of the Turtles.) Here's a photo of Bruce at work drawing a Turtle.

We also had one dude stop by in his cool Turtle costume.

And this dude came over several times to show us his cool customized figures. Very nicely done!

Near the end of the show we were visited by Casey Jones and April O'Neil, who posed with us at our tables.

One more day to go! -- PL


  1. Peter, Here's some of my minor video from the Con... for some non Turtle Stuff...

    And for the rest:
    HD Footage of Playmate and UbiSoft

    Soon to come before I leave tommorow, HD footage of the Casey and April visit....


    Should be done converting within the hour...or by the time everyone sees this :)

  3. April went through some changes between day one and two! I think I'm love :-)


    So gonna be all over him about pix of this long awaited meeting !!

    Pete.. dude so needed this.

    Bustin' his ass so hard, i'm sure this gave the guy a shot in the arm he needed !! !!

  5. -->> Crap .. it's famous Bruce Laird and the gentleman that does those Mighty Muggs..

    his command a real decent price !!

    Nice !! !!

  6. I want that poster behind Peter Laird.

    I hope SOMEONE from Mirage will be in San Diego this year.

  7. Thanks Peter,
    It was really great to meet you and the other guys at Mirage.
    I'm sorry it was so hard to hear me with my head cold.
    Of course now that I'm back home it seems to be going away hah!
    It's great to meet people you've admired for years in person as well as those u chat with on blogs and via emails.

    Anyway thanks for taking a bit of your time to answer my fanboyish questions. :)

    I'm sorry I didn't get to come back and chat more but my friends that I came with had a bit of a family emergency and had to leave.
    So I hope at some point the Opportunity will arise again.

    Everyone from Mirage was so cool and I really appreciate that when allot of people I've crossed paths with that I admire haven't been all to nice.

    Thanks I did need this and busted my back to get there.
    It was def. well worth it even being so sick.