Tuesday, February 10, 2009

NYCC: Day Three addendum

I forgot to mention this in yesterday's post. At big shows like the NYCC, I never have the time (and, frankly, the energy) to walk around the place and look at everything. It's just too big, there's too much stuff, and the crowds make it difficult. So I usually end up coming home without buying anything.

But this time I got some help from a couple of my Mirage buddies in finding something to take away from the show. I think it was either Mike Dooney or Jim Lawson who saw it the first day and mentioned it to me -- "it" being a small original watercolor of a Triceratops by Jeff Jones (an artist whose work I have always admired). And near the end of the first day, Steve Lavigne offered to go pick it up for me while I was busy at the table. (He even managed to get the dealer to come down a bit on the price.)

I think I'll be hanging this piece in my pool room, alongside some other nifty Triceratops artwork I've gathered over the years, including several works by Jim Lawson and my friend Rob Engman. -- PL


  1. Oh, Peter, quickie question for you that I forgot to ask...actually, two...

    1- Are we going to find out more about this event in April at I think it was the Javitz anytime soon?

    2 - Can regular fans attend this thing or is it going to be press only?

    About all I can assume is that this is the start of the Turtle Van Tour with April and the Turtles, but other than that I'm not sure what it really is per se.

    I'd of loved to interview 'April' and the turtle costumed actors out of character, but I guess something like that isn't too possible :). After their long tour, assuming it's the same people throughout, it might be a fun story :).

  2. That's a very nice painting. I have always liked watercolors, though I have had very little success with that media myself.

    I'm glad you came away with something you liked, and I hope you had fun at the show.

  3. -->> KICK ass ! !

    ** ..and again, thanks to NEIL for all the awesome NYCC coverage !!

  4. Hey guys look what I found.

    This will make me buy a Blue-Ray Player.

  5. -->> .. Mikey - SAMA ROX m'SOX !! !!


  6. Nice peice!

    And I saw the article in the Springfield Reminder today! Nice!

  7. "Sarah The Anime Librarian said...
    Nice peice!

    And I saw the article in the Springfield Reminder today! Nice!"

    What article was that, Sarah? -- PL

  8. The reminder did a big peice on Comicon, including interviews with you and Kevin. I'll see if I can find an online link.

  9. Here we go: