Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Blast from the Past #147: Triceraton archaeologist

This is a fun drawing from back in 1983, quite likely pre-TMNT. I think I may have done it as an entry in the "Fandom Directory" art contest, but I'm not sure. -- PL


  1. It seems like you've always had a thing for dinosaurs (and triceratops specifically). I'm more of a therapod person.

    I always wondered why the triceratons never made it into the original TMNT cartoon.

  2. Oh, but they did, Daniel-san.


  3. I think I remember reading that Triceratons predated the TMNT, but I guess this is proof positive.
    This guys looks a little more benign than the Tricertons of the federation, though.
    I really want to know what he's doing there...

  4. I love these old sketches you put here, I keep forgetting that the TMNT universe had a history before the first issue.