Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blast from the Past #71 repost: Early Splinter

Hey -- where's his tail?! This is a very early painted piece from 1984 by Kevin Eastman, depicting the Turtles' sensei, Master Splinter. It is probably a design study done before the printing of the first issue.

In any event, I'm glad we decided to make Splinter's robe a little less ragged in the comics! -- PL


  1. -->> ..are you able to detect what paint and technique was used on him here ??

  2. I actually kind of like that. It makes sense considering that Splinter would have found everything in super damaged condition in the sewer pipe...most likely..

    Heh, planning a series is more difficult than I thought. How did you ever tune out all the ever changing ideas and concentrate on writing issue one? :) That's where I'm at right now :).

  3. Ooh, that's awesome. Can't recall ever seeing early Splinter in color before. Shame he doesn't have a tail, but then in the movies he didn't have an ear. Poor abused mutated anapamorphic rat :(

    I always wondered. Who was it that came up with the character of Splinter, you, or Kevin Eastman?

  4. I really love how Splinter just looked totally badass in the old comics. Thats a cool drawing.

  5. I agree-- I'm glad he wasn't so ragged. And where WAS his tail?

    Still-- beautiful piccie. I like how you both drew him.

    Maybe I should get two tattoos... >.>

    (just kidding!)