Monday, December 2, 2013

Blast from the Past #680: Sketchbook page 24, Raphael fighting Foot ninja

From page 24 of the sketchbook, here's a more elaborate drawing, fully inked with a brush, depicting Raphael -- in new mutation mode -- engaging some new-look Foot ninja in a bloody battle. 

I like this one. -- PL

P.S. I just noticed an interesting detail -- the skull-like sculpting of Raph's plastron.


  1. Amazing sketch, the amount of action and even the gore is definitely something to see. Just love how Raph is slashing them up showing no expression of remorse. Would've shown how their mutations effected them emotionally. Would it?

    Now when I think about it, I really do wonder if the movie would've took some inspiration from some of these sketches you drew and try to incorporate that into the movie, if it happened. Considering it would've been done in live-action, without question, recreating this scene would've been a sight to behold for all.

    Still, fantastic art, Mr. Laird.

  2. Amazing, I really dig where he stores his sai. Also really cool, seeing the spike/bone out of his elbow.