Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blast from the Past #681: Sketchbook page 25, new-look Foot ninja

Here on page 25 of the sketchbook is another drawing of the "new look" Foot ninja in various actions poses, displaying traditional and non-traditional weapons. 

This piece was not inked with a brush, but with some kind of markers. -- PL


  1. wow!I really like this inked picture.the foot look scary, at the same time for some reason remind me of judge dredd with that pattern on their masks.would sure be an interesting look for them, too...personally I love the classic bug eyes the most but the newer versions in the vol 4 comics excite me, too.this was a update that was still simple but worked just as great as the original.I wish we could have more of that original foot from the mirage comics these days...still praying that you and kev are gonna do a massive story together for the 30s anniversary;)

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