Friday, December 13, 2013

Blast from the Past #689: Sketchbook page 34, notes on ideas for proposed TMNT comic

On page 34 of the sketchbook, I had jotted down some notes on ideas for the TMNT comic that Kevin and I planned to do together. It's interesting to me how some of these ended up (in one form or another) in my TMNT Volume 4 series. 

I've typed out the notes below so as to make them easier to read. -- PL 


-- virus brought by aliens to Earth -- or that aliens take from Earth back to the stars? some kind of mutant AIDS virus

-- maybe AIDS was originally an alien disease

-- would aliens want to settle on Earth? Maybe do home-swap with some humans

-- Fugitoid comes back with TCRI's -- he's their spokesperson/being?
Something happens during these three (?) issues that results in his body being destroyed

Our Earth First And Last (OEFAL): radical reactionary group opposed to aliens and the idea that Earth is not supreme

-- when we first see the guys in this series, they already have their new costumes (except that Don has no visor and Raph doesn't have the "skull" chest plate 

this looks this way when he morphs

-- should we set this story 3 years in the future?

--  April has taken on the mantle of Nobody (the original has died?), and is married to Casey Jones, and is one month pregnant (though she has told no one yet).

Where are the transmats going to be located? What will they be like?

Maybe the Utroms bring one ship, land it, build one transmat, and use that one to beam in all the stuff needed to build the other ones.

-- have the city be five times as paranoid as usual when the aliens announce their presence -- people with guns and telescopes on rooftops watching for aliens

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