Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blast from the Past #694: Sketchbook page 39, Ideas for fifth Turtle?

On page 39 of the sketchbook, I drew these rough sketches of what I think are some ideas for a slightly different facial look for the proposed "fifth Turtle"... including what appears to be either a tattoo or some kind of face paint in one image.

I also noticed on this page that I drew the "fifth Turtle" with three fingers and a thumb, as opposed to the classic TMNT look of TWO fingers and a thumb. And looking back at the previous page, I see that I did the same thing with this more finished drawing of the "fifth Turtle". I didn't notice that when I posted it yesterday. -- PL

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  1. Hi!
    In some of Kevin Eastman's pictures of Kirby, the turtle also has that number of digits. (And he also drew different heads.)