Monday, December 9, 2013

Blast from the Past #686: Sketchbook page 31, another drawing of Splinter in new mutation form

On page 31 of the sketchbook, I did another loose drawing of Splinter in his were-rat new mutation mode, this time from a slightly different angle to try to work out how he would look from the side and back. Again, this photo-blue pencil drawing had to be tweaked in Photoshop to show up better.

Some of you might be wondering why I used this hard-to-reproduce photo-blue pencil on so many of these sketches. Well, my main reason was that unlike traditional black or grey pencil leads (really, graphite), the photo-blue pencils tend to smudge a lot less easily. Also, because -- by their very nature -- the lines drawn with a photo-blue pencil typically don't show up when a drawing is photographed for reproduction, you can be a lot looser and messier with your sketching and not have to worry so much about the stray lines being reproduced after you've inked a piece. -- PL


  1. Thanks, I have often wondered about the use of blue pencils by you and Mr. Talbot

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  3. I like this one.. sort of like a classic hulking vampire or Frankenstein look for Splinter, which is totally different from his normal personality....