Sunday, January 18, 2015

Snippets #39: January 29, 1987

       This is from a January 29, 1987 handwritten postcard to Mom and Pop:

"Well, we (Kevin and I) just had our first meetings with Playmates Toy today. Yesterday, we drove up to L.A., along with the president and v.p. for marketing of Playmates, to meet with the president of Marvel Productions, the company that Playmates wants to do the TMNT animated series. It was an interesting meeting -- hearing talk of millions of dollars in production cost being casually bandied about. And it looks really positive.. I think they're going to do the animation. But Kev and I aren't counting on anything until it actually happens.

Tonight we might be going out to see some sights in Los Angeles with the two Playmates design people, John Handy and Karl Aaronian… and hopefully we'll be going back home. Can't wait!"

       [As it turned out, Marvel Productions never got the job to do the TMNT animated series... another one of those intriguing "forks in the road". What would have happened if they HAD produced the series? How would it have differed from the MWS version? Would we have been happier with it, or vice versa? Would the mass-market TMNT phenomenon have exploded as it did?

       Impossible to say for certain, but interesting to speculate upon. -- PL]


  1. I'm not familiar with Marvel Animation. But I would LOVE to see an animated Marvel Turtles movie done by the current team doing the live action stuff. As far as MWS goes, while the animation wasn't all that great by today's had charm and a cuteness to it that I think was a large part of it's success. If the turtles looked to realistic, or to ugly, or took itself to seriously, I doubt it would had taken offf as much as it did. The '03 series came at just the right time. it hit the nostalgia feel, combined the best of the movie seriousness and fun of the original series...if that came first, I'm not sure if it would have hit the right note...

  2. Incredible to see these little snippets of history.