Thursday, January 8, 2015

Snippets #31: August ?, 1985

       This one is from an August ?, 1985 letter to my brother Don (not dated; date approximated from context and content of letter):

"Since you last visited (which was the last time I communicated with you), we've done two store signings and gone to Detroit for a two day convention.

Not only that, but we've done two more books -- TMNT #4 and Fugitoid) the latter to see print in the first week of September). Have you got a copy of TMNT #4? I can't remember if I sent you one or not… so I'll include one with this letter. 


I do feel that I should at least get this short missive out to you so that you will know that I am thinking of you… and I really won't have an opportunity to write you again until next Tuesday (August 6?) which is when we will be getting back from the San Diego Comic Convention. We're leaving this Wednesday, taking a noon flight out. The con starts on Thursday and goes through Sunday. We'll be leaving on Monday morning to come back to Sharon. But you might ask why I can't write a letter between now and Wednesday… the answer to that is that we are currently working feverishly to finish the artwork for the TMNT role-playing game, which is due to hit the shelves in October. Our deadline to finish everything for that project is August 19, and it will be tight! Then, right after we finish that, we have to jump right into doing TMNT #5, which is supposed to hit the stands in the first week of November. Wish us luck!"

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