Friday, June 25, 2010

Blast from the Past #314: Snake Guy

This one is also from that same sketchbook, and is really cleverly titled -- "Snake Guy"! I must have spent a lot of time coming up with that name.

I have the strongest feeling I have already posted this, but I did a search of my blog for the word "snake", and it didn't come up. So here it is. It's another toy figure idea which never made it to plastic. -- PL


  1. Outstanding. I could easily see a Snake Guy action figure in my already full box of turtle action figures!

  2. It did become an action figure under the name Scale Tail.

  3. You beat me to it Dan. The character never made it beyond an odd appearance in Radical Rescue.
    Could have been an interesting one if ever developed.

  4. I hope this doesn't come across like ridiculous fan gushing, but these action figure designs are seriously phenomenal. They are some of my absolute favorite stuff you post from this time period.

    I'm also curious about something, during the first visit you and Kevin made to Playmates HQ when you were shown the two wax mock-up TMNT figures (BftP #20) obviously the one was heavily inspired by Master of the Universe and the other smaller one, ended up being more along the lines of what eventually came out, but it still isn't 100% posed or articulated like the final product.

    I've noticed in your concept drawings though, that you've really captured the essence of the line as far as the facial expressions, and costuming, but especially in the poses, as far as having a slightly arched back, and bent legs. Since that particular "stance" is sort of a hallmark of the original TMNT line, I was wondering if you know who's idea it was? It gives the line a nice constant appearance when you have a large collection of them, but the reason I'm curious is because when I look at the other figure concept sketches by Brown, Bissette, Dooney, etc. none of them have the particular posture drawn in to them like yours do.

    So I guess that was my really long winded way of asking "are you responsible for the trademark stance/pose of many of the original TMNT figures?"

  5. Man, these action figure drawings are fantastic. It's like you had a second career as a toy designer.

    I had this toy and thought he was awesome - though the toy was more gun-oriented, and I don't think they did as good a job capturing the "snake in a robot suit" feel of your drawing.

  6. "Dan said...
    It did become an action figure under the name Scale Tail."

    Dan, I am afraid I must beg to differ. The "ScaleTail" figure is snake-based, but conceptually pretty far afield from my "Snake Guy" -- at least as I see it. -- PL

  7. "So I guess that was my really long winded way of asking "are you responsible for the trademark stance/pose of many of the original TMNT figures?"

    Good question! I don't have a very good answer, though. At this point in time, I don't recall if Playmates originated the basic "pose look" of the TMNT figures or if it came from the way we drew them. -- PL

  8. I'm pretty sure Scale Tail was designed by Michael Dooney, but I may be wrong.
    I'm with the rest Peter, if only this was a differnt day and age and you could have these characters as a stand alone toy line without anything backing it like a tv show.

  9. I'm really digging this design, I like how it has not gotten arms during it's mutation and has robotic limbs in place of real ones.

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