Monday, June 14, 2010

"Falling Away": an update

In my post from this June 8th, I wrote the following:

"I will take the plots that I have written out for what would have been the concluding six or seven issues of the comic book, beef them up a little bit..."

Well, I should have taken a look at my "TMNT plots" file (which I keep on another laptop that I don't use that much), something I haven't done in quite a few months. If I had, I would have been reminded of the salient fact that the plots for the remaining issues of Volume 4 (beyond the two that are already drawn but not yet published) are incomplete at best; some are really only one or two lines. So to "beef up" these things is going to take quite a bit of work.


At least I have a firm idea of how I want the series to end. That much is solid. -- PL


  1. As nice as it would be to read the plotlines and see how the story would conclude, it would be understandable if you were to refrain from "beefing up" the plots too much as it may then feel like plotting out the actual books.

    The major question mark that lingers with me is the fate of the Turtles by Volume 4's conclusion:
    do they live or die?

    Will they continue to live well into old age, as so many Mirage stories seem to suggest, or do the guys each suffer some terrible fate by series' end?

    Personally, I've always enjoyed the last page of a certain Tales issue showing future Don standing on the balcony of his futuristic home, watching a setting sun on the horizon of a sea.

  2. Don't worry about 'beefing them up', then. It'd be nice to see them, but don't start making work for yourself that you don't want to do. If you want to do it later, fine, but don't feel like you're obligated to.

  3. You said Viacom could do something with vol 4, but I read at Newsarama where Tristan Jones said that they couldn't publish anything that continues the currently established Mirage Universe. So who's right?

  4. I'm with pretty much everyone here. If it's going to make you feel bad, then by all means, please don't work just to please us. Especially for free. I'll say Id love to see a good conclusion going on, but, sometimes the imagination does just fine.

  5. Don't worry about "beefing them up". Perhaps after the other two are released they could be released to us as is. Or if you decide to a few months after the two issues have released there will come an aftertoon you might wonder what you would do from there and add to the line or two for an hour then post the remaining few sporatically over the next few months when you get ideas and desire to elaborate. Either way we look forward to it.

  6. We're patient Pete, we've waited for things before... however long it takes if you wish to deliver this to us :)

  7. As much writing as you do on here about how you don't want to do anything with TMNT, you could probably flesh out a few of those ideas into a short paragraph to give a quick summary of your plot for a specific issue.

    It's your call, though. Always has been. I'll respect it either way no matter how I feel on the matter.

  8. Whatever you want to do is cool - for real. If you want to work on it, that's cool. If doing it feels good and/or right to you, then please do! But if not, don't worry about it. Be healthy. Be happy.